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@isomeri: Good pick! A good rule of thumb for me is something I can obsess over and spend ages reading about and learning. Photography has so much to learn and practice it can keep you going with new stuff to learn all the time.

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I know you said no outside, but as someone who also mostly dislikes other people I have really enjoyed running and cycling. Doing it solo lets you set your own pace and distance and you can make it as challenging or as easy as you want to depending on mood or goals.

I would recommend a cheap gps watch (or expensive if you are flush) or a phone app + arm band for it to record all your runs. It is super rewarding when you look back at your previous times and distances compared to what you do now. I went from struggling to run 1 mile in 10 minutes to cruising a half marathon at 8 minute miles without even trying, just as an easy slow evening run and it was nice out and even ran a 70 mile ultra. I still can't believe what I achieved, so satisfying!

edit: not supposed to be self congratulatory, just as a tubby guy I found I could achieve crazy things, and if I managed it anyone can that's for sure! I was so unathletic so lack of fitness should not put anyone off.

If you think you will get bored, take the time to focus on what you are doing (your running form, your breathing patterns, etc.) or mix it up as you go (this will be a fast half mile, next I will slow it down and rest a little, then there is a hill so I'll try and sprint up that, then have a little walk break) don't just plod along.

It's also a really nice chilled out meditative kinda time too. If you take up any other hobbies that requires thought or planning, run time is good thought time for that. If you want to write a book running will provide a good time to ponder where you want your story to go next.

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Love playing Crystal Maiden, but Ogre Magi is clearly the king of all characters!

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@shirogane: still got it, add me on steam and you can have it when we get chance to trade :-)

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Ok, I have extra copies of:

Hammer of the Skygods

Scythe of Sacrifice

Gloomblade x2

The Cursed Crescent

Taunt: Victory Jig

I want:

That you like playing the dude it is for so you will get some joy out of it. if you want anything above, just message me (domsalvia on steam) and it's yours :)

Much love!

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Hi guys,

When looking at open parties they often go without description. When opening one it would be nice if people could briefly mention what they want from their game. Something like "Low-Mid MM, SD/RD", "High Level", "All welcome, AP" etc.?

Sometimes I see a group open and being less than EPIX I sometimes decide to solo queue instead so I don't make too much of a chump of myself with people I don't want to ruin things for. If I know you don't mind low level dudes in there I feel more comfortable that my noobness won't be unwelcome.

Much love!

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Joined a GB open party last night and the duders in there were cracking lads. Tolerated my less than awesome display with my first try on Nature's Prophet and a very good time was had, at least by me and I very much hope by everyone else playing in game with me.

All the thumbs up for the GB guild!

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Your steam name domsalvia

Your location and what times you are available to play: UK, variable times but working during week days, usually a game or two from 4pm, then again after 9pm. If I end up repeatedly teaming with a usual crew I can set time aside to suit.

Experience beginner to okish maybe? 61 MM matches in according to dotabuff (33/28 so even split really), I think I have the basics down(ish) and looking to improve. Would really like to find a group to play semi regular with and who use voice chat.

Favourite Hero/Role Will play any role. I like Death Prophet, Venomancer and Crystal Maiden, but I am still experimenting

I play for fun and laughs - I still like to win, but the fun always comes first. So serious idiocy? ;-)

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@1der: thank you very much you wonderful duder!

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Hi guys, I have tried to google it up, but to no joy so thought I'd just ask for it - in [a video] I watched on here recently someone had a lovely wallpaper with the design from the 2013 members tee on it. Would one of you be so kind as to point me in the direction of where someone might find it please?

Many thanks :)