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Hopefully hardware video encoding to mirror out to smart glass or what have you, so you can seemlessly carry on playing when the significant other wants the main tv, like the best feature on the Wii U.

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@crusader8463. "When you have to press a button to pick up ammo instead of just walking near it.". Multiplayer coop games do this so you don't have stupid inventory management and carry it into single player for consistency, see Borderlands for a well implemented "hold the button" enhancement for grabbing loads of crap. @AiurFlux "Two weapon systems. It completely removes the lack of choice.". I think it adds more choice in that you have to reevaluate your weapon selection as you play. Also, it makes that choice meaningful as you have to live with the consequences of the choice and work with that. Assuming it is not done badly and you have to use the gun all the bad guys in the area are using for ammo reasons, then it's not really a choice is it... ;). Edit: it seems ios carriage return doesn't work here :(. Oh well...

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Xbox. I really like the controller, and really dislike the PS3 one. The only PC capable of playing games is tucked away in the office and I would rather sit around the living room with my wife as opposed to in a room off by myself, and my laptop is no way up to gaming.

So, platform goes controller (xbox/pc) -> where I like playing games (xbox). Plus I quite like cheevos ;)

I cannot express how much I dislike the PS3 controller, it's all light and flimsy feeling and has daft triggers :)

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Rockmelt, chromium base with social network and RSS add on features is pretty nice.

Also supports chrome extensions given the chromium base, for the extra bits you can't live without...

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Same as always, One Life Left - chip tunes, excellent reviews and good laughs. Hosted by Ste Curran, ex editor off of Edge magazine.

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Every horse is called Marcus, keeps it simple.

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My heart belongs to Dark Souls!

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Get yourself some - it's a bit daft, but the hosts have a good connection and they have a nice mix of genuine interest and irreverence. Also, some nice chip tunes thrown in to boot.

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@Nardak said:

Personally I think that selling Child of Eden for 50 dollars is a bit too much for a game that can be completed in 2 hours. I have played XBLA live arcade games which have cost far less than that and have had more content than Child of Eden.

I think that's a touch unfair. Some XBLA games may last longer, but the actual content (the music, the graphics, the design) in Child of Eden is fantastic. It in no way feels "budget" and it define a game purely by length is not looking at the bigger picture.

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When I get a new game and the title screen says "Press Start" I have to try pressing "A" instead to see if it is lying to me or not :)