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God damn, he is going to be missed so much. There are no other words other then, "it's Tuesday"

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Awesome very well done.!!

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@Snail: It is meant to allow the birds to drink the water that that is in the mask and they drink from your face.

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I am playing completely different to how I played the first game I was Mordecai and would throw out Bloodwing and then pick of the leftovers. This game I am a Salvador and I am having to change the way that i play for example instead of sitting back I am having to get in the thick of it and that is so unfamiliar, this is why I believe that I am going to be better with Mechromancer because it is the same principle, send him out to fight for you and pick off the others. Have not played it yet so do not know for sure.

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For me it has to be the bane!!! it make no sense why it would be in the game. If you have the gun you will understand if not, look up the gun and see for yourselves so annoying. However things like these are way i love this game all the random shit that it has and they do not shove it your face.

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i speck only the absolute truth

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very good