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Not to be a terrible person and resurrect this thread, but can anyone identify the the piano piece playing in the background? Also what a great video and it was awesome seeing it at the start of the PAX panel.

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Toronto, Canada. It's basically the quintessential North American city, you can pretty much do or see anything here barring exposure to nature (although the Don Valley forms a nice line of greenery down the centre of town) and anything of historical relevance. It is not the most unique city, or the prettiest, but if you're in Toronto and don't have anything to do, that is a short coming on your part, not the city's. I would say it's a nice place to live, but property prices are ungodly high for anything half decent which makes it a city well situated for the wealthy but difficult for everyone else.

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I would love to be biologically immortal. Some form of disease or event will still likely kill you, but if ones body remained in its prime one could easily see several centuries. I don't think I would support the deaths of millions to sustain only a few this way, but I would still be fine with pretty far extremes to see such a reality come into being.

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69.5 Million would be my guess.

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They are finally making an open world game set in middle earth and they have the entire thing set in the blank wasteland of Mordor? Uhm.... Why?

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So a buddy of mine and myself are interested in giving one of these games a whirl and noticed they have a co-op mode, but the question is do we help navigate the same ship in any of them or are we forced to be in two separate subs? This is sort of a make it or break it deal for us so it would be helpful to know before we throw down ten bucks a piece, thanks!

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@tycobb: Don't entertainers deserve to make a bit of money for what they do? Also what the giantbomb guys do isn't much different and yet i feel they deserve to get a paycheck for what they do.

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Probably. Regional accents are funny that way.

Example: I grew up in Toronto. Having grown up in Toronto surrounded by native Toronto people, I pronounce Toronto as "Cha-ron-no". That's how most people said the city's name. You got the occasional person who insisted on "tor-on-to" but those were assholes who needed to be shunned from society. Didn't mind it from visitors or recent immigrants, but a person who has lived in the city for a period of time and still refers to it as "tor-on-to"? Massive douchebag.

I too am a Torontonian born and raised and I have to say you are wrong sir. I find most people say something closer to "Ta-ron-to" allowing that "t" sound to remain. Also i have no issue with "Tor-on-to," whatever way you cut it our city has a silly sounding name though.

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This is a clash of titans right here, though Mass Effect i imagine will win rather decisively.

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I know it's just a silly internet voting thing but I really do feel RDR should be here *pouts like a child*