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I have two televisions, one 24'' Philips LED and a 60'' Samsung Plasma Smart TV with 3D support... though I don't think i've used the 3D even once.

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@goranp Very cool idea and definitely two strong videos to start on. If you're looking for any more suggestions, editing together the helicopter clips from the Ravaged Giant Bomb Quicklook could be a decent addition. One of the comments on the youtube upload has already placed time stamps for the helicopter segments.

@dudeglove From what I recall of the community magazine the editorial staff seemed really committed and involved with getting that thing out. I can't say for certain as I never contributed any material myself, but I never got the impression there was anything but sincerity and dedication behind that project.

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This is a strange and random thread to have brought back from the dead, but okay. My starwars name is apparently Andpa Raitor, which i think works rather well for a space name.

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I love pretty much all forms of whiskey, but have a special relationship with a good Speyside or Highland Single Malt Scotch. My favorite scotch within a reasonable price at the moment is probably the 12 year Aberlour.

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As far as i know its been a little while since Humble Bundle had the old "pay what you want" scheme, certainly the last few i've seen have all had much larger price tags attached. Though, i hardly see it as a big deal, at the end of the day it is still a sale and 25 dollars for basically all the total war games except Rome II seems like a steal.

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Toronto Canada

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@arabes: Uhm, you do know that big Island, the one with England, Wales AND Scotland is called Great Britain right? And that there is no region just called "Britain" that excludes Scotland. So if you want to be overly technical, anyone from England Scotland or Wales can call themselves "British" if they so choose. Also I think you should know that the official demonym for people from the United Kingdom (i.e. not only England Scotland and Wales, but Northern Ireland too) is British. I suggest you think very carefully before posting a big long rant full of nonsense.

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I voted funny. Your material is pretty good which is the most important part, but your presentation needs quite a bit of work. Keep at it and I think with more confidence the performance side of things will improve.

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Pretty much any hard core western RPG (not action-rpgs) or strategy game on PC will be just fine with one hand. Though hot keys and action bars make these games more manageable, the UI is usually designed in such a way that you need nothing but a mouse to work through it.