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Back in the fall of 2007, my niece was very sick and was pretty much living in hospital, as a result I was living there too. I'm from the UK so the time difference meant that i was awake in that hospital around the time that 'On the Spot' was airing on Gamespot. Its around that time that all the stuff with Jeff leaving Gamespot happened , so I would try and follow what Jeff and Ryan were up to since they had made me laugh so much on that live show in what was a really rotten time for me.

From there i listened to the arrow pointing down podcast when it started and signed up to Giantbomb on day one.

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I enjoyed this Wrestlemania pretty much from start to finish. Every match was entertaining to me, and the finish to the main event was fantastic.

The only things I didn't like were that I felt Sting should have won his match with HHH. They turned what should have been a battle between the two of them into WCW vs WWE, for no bloody reason.

Also JBL's commentary for the whole night was terrible.

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Hope its ok to bump this slightly old topic but I've having this issue too, I'm trying to download the Metal Gear Scanlon 2 episodes, but any episode that goes longer then an hour will crash when I replay it, normally once it pasts an hour into the video.

I've had this issue in the past with any long shows I've tried to download. Is that firefox addon the only workaround still?

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holy cow that's incredible! Nice work Sanj

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can you buy a gift subscription through Paypal?

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Very sad to hear this. RIP

@jay_ray said:

I am not ready to see the Ghostbusters start to die

Yep, me too.

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I would like something like Lost and the Damned/ Ballad of Gay Tony but I think Rockstar said they won't be doing DLC like that again.

I would like las venturas to be added to the map as DLC.

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Yeah this is the same situation for me too. I won't try and suggest I am going trough the kind of pain or emotions his friends and family must be going through right now, but damn, I've heard Ryan or seen him in videos for pretty much every day, for the past 5 years or so. The countless times he has said things that have made me laugh over the years have stuck with me so in many ways. So even though I never knew him personally I feel I know him in some other way. The fact that he's no longer with us just feels so strange and wrong, and my mind can't really accept it yet.

The outpouring from this community and other sites over this has been amazing.

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@squrler: wow that's beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

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@grimluck343: yeah, it was really nice and quite touching to see them talk about Ryan this way.