The sound of your childhood... (8 bit and beyond...)

Okay, so at the moment, im making my way in life (or at least trying to) as a sound designer/sound editor, so far iv done several short films, a few documentaries, blah blah blah, no one cares. The point is a lot of my time goes to working with sound and utilizing the effect it has on people, recently iv been working on a piece of film that requires me to use sounds that remind certain people of there childhood (like the sound of a favorite toy, etc..), this got me thinking about the sounds that i most remember and found that a lot (perhaps unsurprisingly) stemmed from video game themes or sounds, sounds that have subconsciously stayed with me to this day. Sounds like the 'ring noise' and the somewhat iconic 'green hill zone' theme from the first sonic game are still weirdly stuck in the back of my head, just to give one example. 
Anyway, long story 'relatively' short, what i want to know is are there any sounds or pieces of music from the games you played 'back in the day' that you just cant forget? or any that bring back memories of a simpler time?


The new guy in town...

Hi....whoever may be reading this....err....whats up?
Donkeysraliens here, long time follower of the site, first time...err..forumer (what do you mean 'forumer' isnt a word?)

Been watching 'the guys' since back in the ol' gamespot days (as many of you probably have) and i cant wait to get involved in what apears to be 'the hip place for the cool cats' as the youngsters would say.