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Ok, so im never one for all this 'the end is nigh' bullshit, but lets just say, theoretically, that the world ends tomorrow, how would you want it to happen? it may as well be cool right?
Im going to say either: 
A) Dinosaurs Revenge (think 'Jurassic park' but world wide), or: 
B) Some sort of 'Clownapocalypse' (blood, guts and rainbow wigs as far as the eye can see!) 

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ladies and gentlemen, i give you, the true lord of the dance!: 

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there was a time, some could call it a dark time, when i played an unhealthy amount of vice city... i still think its the best in the series, if only for the great radio stations and the unabashed ripping off of scarface, heat and many other gangster films (so much so that i actually gave it a mention in my university film dissertation about gangster films, this lead to a long discussion with my lecturer about the gta series, turns out he prefers san andreas, go figure)

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Okay, so at the moment, im making my way in life (or at least trying to) as a sound designer/sound editor, so far iv done several short films, a few documentaries, blah blah blah, no one cares. The point is a lot of my time goes to working with sound and utilizing the effect it has on people, recently iv been working on a piece of film that requires me to use sounds that remind certain people of there childhood (like the sound of a favorite toy, etc..), this got me thinking about the sounds that i most remember and found that a lot (perhaps unsurprisingly) stemmed from video game themes or sounds, sounds that have subconsciously stayed with me to this day. Sounds like the 'ring noise' and the somewhat iconic 'green hill zone' theme from the first sonic game are still weirdly stuck in the back of my head, just to give one example. 
Anyway, long story 'relatively' short, what i want to know is are there any sounds or pieces of music from the games you played 'back in the day' that you just cant forget? or any that bring back memories of a simpler time?

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I know its probably not necessarily a swear word, but im always partial to 'twat' myself. 
You also cant go wrong with 'arse', not ass, but 'ARSE' something about the r makes it a bit rougher.

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I agree, the word's become diluted to the point where it means nothing, for example, i heard someone call twilight a 'modern day epic saga' the other day... rest assured, this person didn't have a clue what  the word even meant anymore.

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@iAmJohn: yeah, thats something i was planning to put in the original version but, for whatever reason (i forget why) i never did
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@iAmJohn: Well, i know this is Deadly Premonitions, but i couldn't let you go wanting: 

Just an alternate version of the one i made back when the p4 ER was in full force (but with 'heal' instead of 'kill')  
And with that blast from the past out of the way, back to the adventures of agent York and his wacky invisible sidekick Zach!
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What pokemon we talking about? because i doubt an army of magikarp would have much of a chance...  
'Magikarp used splash... nothing seemed to happen' 
'Obi-Wan Kenobi used Light Saber.... Its super effective!' 
We dine on fried magikarp tonight!!

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That fetus that some how has a pop career... whats his name? oh yeah Justin Beiber? (prob spelt wrong, but what the hell) seriously, i was in America a couple of weeks ago and heard some DJ on the radio compare him to the beetles in all seriousness.... my faith in humanity still hasn't returned...