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Jeez, you guys are obsessed! i only check it on days ending in a Y!....oh...wait....i need help....

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Jeez, you guys are obsessed! i only check on days ending in a Y!......oh....wait.....i need help

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@Chewii101 said:
" I try not reading the comments and just enjoying the ER. But then again, I'll read em for a chuckle.  "
Agreed, sometimes looking at some of the idiotic, forceful, ignorant, overly dramatic comments cant help but bring a smile to your face, i mean its not like were getting hours of entertainment each week for free right? i mean the LEAST we can do is make retarded comments about how their stupid for not playing the game 'the right way' right? (side note: for those of you who have been recently lobotomized, this is sarcasm). 
I honestly have to laugh at people who find two guys playing a game on the internet and having fun so earth shatteringly important that they actually seem generally insulted when they play it their way, sure helpful advice is great but forcing it down their necks is just dumb and unnecessary (i happen to think their doing a fine job as it is) and quite honestly, some of the ER comments make this community look worse than the majority of the Matrix Online fanbase. 
Well, im pretty sure everything iv just said has already been mentioned one way or another on this thread, making this post absolutely pointless! HURRAY!!
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Well, i allready posted the design on another thread, but what the hell, may aswell be a t-shirt too!
Remember the classics!:

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 So, i was re watching a few of the older endurance run episodes and came across ep48 (the one with Dave) and...well...i was bored so...

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i wasn't comparing the two films level of special effects, just the fact that both had special effects as a major part of their marketing, instead of their narrative (something i find vastly more important)

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mmm, i like both, but i probably enjoy more of Beatles repertoire, dont get me wrong, aint nothing wrong with the stones.

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Didn't i read on one of Jeffs blogs that he thought P4 was the 'the best RPG he's ever "played" ? i think that was around ep 50, so it would be nice to see if his thoughts have changed any, though they obviously still enjoy it or they wouldn't be playing.
My only gripe isn't the run itself, but the 'back-seat gamers', i can fully understand how, to someone who knows the game well, some of Jeff n' Vinnies accents would be annoying, but to others, their funny. Think of it this way, would you prefer the guys taking down the Teddie boss with aggressive proficiency, or Vinny casting Bufu and Jeffs head exploding? i know my answer.

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mmm, thats a good gonna go with (in no particular order):
Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Brian Johnson (AC/DC, or to give them their proper title, AC-lightning bolt-DC) (Queue the 'Bon Scotts better!' argument!!)

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Go for it man, don't worry about the colouring aspect, its more than normally the thing that most people have trouble with, but it usually turns out to really improve the overall effect of the piece, im looking forward to what you come up with!

(sorry for the repost, I couldn't seem to reply to two different people in one post)