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This writer has unrealistic expectations of what should come in the base product or is click baiting.

Well the bar is getting lower year after year

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Hey so when this lets ship broken game trend stops?

When publishers are hit where it hurts $$$, I can only imagine the refund ratio has to be ridiculous for this shameful port

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I actually played and liked this game, I respect tale of tales they seem genuine regardless bringing another perspective into games.

Said so... You shouldn't give money to Leight Alexander to sell-advertise anything, even if you agree with her views that woman has a very unlikable personality, like the opposite you need for a sales man.

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I can only speak about the xbone, works fine with 3.0USB external drive. It does improve loading times against the internal drive.

As expected PC trumps all, but I wouldn't say loading times are a deal breaker for consoles.

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@bbalpert said:

Justin McElroy is positively smitten by the game.

Opinions and such, but I'm seeing this hyperbolic statements so often... Wasn't TW3 the second coming of jesus just about a weak ago?

Don't get me wrong I'm loving TW3 but I think they over selling things

I'm holding my buy for this game, more than often I agree with Kevin V Ord that most reviewers anyway.

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Square Enix had the Yosuke Matsuda "Staff Clapping The Longest Award", hence they won!

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Except for the part where it's just a rehash of the original Xbox compatibility for the 360. We'll be lucky if even 10% of the library is compatible.

Please don't be exited

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I didn't find the tactical layer ineteresting, AI is bad, combat is tedious/ easy compared to other xcom likes.

The metagame is an interesting idea but kind if doesnt really brings anything to the game IMO. Doesn't help the visual style is underwhelming to say thr least

Im on a movil sorry for typos, did wanted to like this game more than i did

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@homelessbird said:

@donpixel: Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. When your society's values involve actually reading what other people write, maybe I'll give you a fair shot.

jeezz.. wow, you know what dude, suuure... wasn't picking a fight btw, so Im out

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@donpixel: I keep forgetting having non-whites in your game is American cultural hegemony and that the Witcher 3 is about real life Polish culture and history. So glad you're here to remind us, and to remind us that as Americans, we loooooooooooooove hamburgers. Yup.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Way to twist my words. Glad to see you keep an open mind for other's societies values, so progressive.