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The horseman are coming!

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Nice camera work, kinda don't like nothing actually happens

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you almost make it sound as if criticism was a wrong endeavour, there is no single positive outcome in your poll

what about?

- Hey I like this thing, but these dude clearly nailed every single thing that could be improved about it... that's cool.

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@donpixel: only seems to be affecting iPad mini on 8.3 reboot doesn't fix it. Six plus is fine. How frustrating.

Maybe try deleting your safari cache and browsing data, you can also install chrome.

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Video player is running fine in both an iphone 6 and ipad 2 with the latest update here. Maybe reser the application or re-start the device.

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Furius 7, Score: 9/10

Do wonder how something this dumb can be so good

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@retris said:

@oldirtybearon: I've noticed that there are two kinds of Souls fans. The ones who just genuinely enjoy playing the game. Then there are the ones who play it (or claim to play it in a lot of cases) because it's the rad new difficult game that makes you cool if you win at it.

yeah there is definitely a snooty factor about these games, because you know being good at Souls games get you all the girls and stuff...

so alpha!

Personally I have nothing against them, but I have not enjoy my time with DK2 nor DK1, they not for me.

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It worked great at launch, works great now.

Also AMDFX... not cool bro, bottle neck right there.

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Hi there, quick question: In yesterday podcast Brad mentioned a 2d DarkSouls game, wich sounds like a pretty interesting concept. Mind telling me what was the name of the game?

thanks in advance!