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I played this game at a friend's house, this is a very boring game.

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The weirdest thing about the whole conference to me was Phil Spencer saying how much he likes Steam and mentioning it by name a couple of times. Usually in big pressers like this if a thing not made by the company itself gets a name drop it means that they're doing some sort of cooperation.

Also that Battletoads shirt.

Microsoft has killed or bought superior competing products before in their platform, I mean they make that OS... how is not that disloyal competition ?

  • Netscape
  • ICQ
  • Lotus
  • Skype
  • others.. etc etc..

They have a history man, is not that I think Steam deserves no competition... However I do think that competition is lame if it comes embedded with every single Windows system as default... Do you actually think Explorer become a popular browser because of its quality?

also yeah... Cool t-shirts always a good reason to give corporate executives a pass.

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I'm gonna be that guy, but there is no such thing as FREE in the corporate word. Is either we are the "product" now, or they closing that OS into a walled garden.

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Is one of those games that if someone else is sucking either in your team or opposite (in this case the monster), it just becomes a total chore.

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Come on duder you gotta post more than that!

What is the policy? What is the airdrop P2W issue? What is happening? Who am I?

What is H1Z1? Is it DayZ?

H1Z1 is the Hollywood remake of DayZ

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Sex is awesome

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I'm a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, but this is probably his weakest movie. It all felt very gratuitous and self endulgent. Never really gets to any point and the movie misses a lot of cool oportunities. His unusual narrative technique was sort of a chore to watch this time around, mostly because it dever really does anything with the story, nor the characters.

Said so, still worth watching.

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I'm already quite overwhelmed/confused with the content they're putting out. They have a couple of Let's Plays and then a bunch of videos that are named differently?

Welcome to the brave new world of youtube style media.

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That colin moriarty guy rubs me the wrong way

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Scarlett did a terrific job in Under the Skin, IMO best sci fi movie of 2014 and one of the best sci fi films in recent years.

Said so it's freaking 2015, this withewash cast are like a parody of the 50s.

Even if not by conviction, do it for the money today's world is diverse and connected enought to notice an appreciate it, look The Fast and the Furius making a lot of money with a bunch of brown people in the screen.