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@larrydavis: Technically if you kill the ender dragon you win minecraft, it is a game for WINNERS!

you even get an achievement for doing that

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this was such a mediocre year for AAA games, I think GTAV and FC4 have been the most fun for me... one a HD remake, the other a direct sequel...

talk about creative bankruptcy

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

They're fine, if you have a decent PC they'll look a bit better than the Xbox 360 version, but there is no controller support for any of them.

They look and play a lot better, twice the resolution double the frame rate

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Does makes me wonder if MS understand why is Minecraft popular. It is one thing to milk toys, it is another to canibalize your franchise with a spin off. For some people this is going to be the "new" Minecraft game, just that it is a substancial different game.

hey guys lets make a linear interactive story for our newly adquired sandbox emergent gameplay franchise, let the milking begin.

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@crembaw: dude your avatar is kiilling me, must clean that bin!

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@dizzyhippos said:

So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

@zirilius said:

@dizzyhippos said:

So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

The irony of these post is that Minecraft in its current sandbox - emergent gameplay form is actually way more of a game than most traditional videogames due to its huge possibilities of player choice.

And in fact game theory-design wise Tell Tale "games" are more like linear interactive stories. Talk about erroneous pre conceived notions of what a video game is or could be.

@fazzle It has no score, you can't level up, you can't kill stuff... It can't be a videogame!

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I'm usually tolerant of stuff like this as long as the game is fun to me. Yet the last year I've grow tired of console, AAA, mainstream, big budget whatever gaming. Honestly it seems these companies want to squish every single penny out of you in any chance.

I know AAA is not exactly a booming industry these days, but guess what... you ain't gonna fix it by making it a bad deal deal.

Sold my xbox one and I'm thinking on giving my ps4 to a cousin because sort of kind of don't wanna have anything to do with these games anymore, PC its where its at.

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@bollard said:

@donpixel: Haven't played ArmA III much since back in the days when there were weekly events run by the PC Gaming Hub guys! In fact, I almost certainly played more in Alpha than full release. What are those mods about?

Battle Royale is basically The Hunger Games The Mod, I like it a lot because it is very polish, I haven't experience any serious lag unlike wasteland or king of the hill. A couple of links:



Breaking point is basically DayZ in Altis with 100 people servers and a faction system. Obviously DayZ purist don't dig it because factions, personally I like it a lot; you having to confirm kills makes for more interaction and less KOS. It is also painfully more polish than DayZ SA, good performance.



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So playing Battle Royale and Breaking Point is pretty much everything I do these days, Wondering if any duder is playing these badass mods as well?

Would like to find people to team up with.

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Damn I just gave a click to that Milo dipshit, didn't know he writes on breitbart.... now it all makes more sense.