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@cbk486 said:

@donpixel: jerks > anime?

This is what anime does to people. Call me a jerk I'll happily be one instead of an anime head.

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And THAT is why Wrestling > Anime.

everything on existence > Anime.

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it is pretty much the same trailer but slower...

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much better than don

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The whole deal seems very unfair and un-ethical, it is shame. Also that notch twitt, just made me want to buy Minecraft again.

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@ronniecolemanmro: I bought Titanfall for both PC and Xbone, honestly the xbone is a decent console doesn't deserve the shit some people is giving it, after the march update parties, friends and achievements are good again.

The only mayor difference for me between PC and Xbone version is the 90 FOV on PC, which I prefer. I just don't like horse view angles... said so I just reached my 3rd gen on the xbone because I mostly play with my friends there, so there is that. Titanfall is a lot of fun with friends.

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Canada taxes are bananas anyway

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@shadowskill11 said:

Both. i have a job.

What does that even mean?

than you don't have to be a child and "pick one" exclusively

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Titanfall makes a great case for read a book if you want a good story.