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From greatest to least: Persona 5, SOMA, and Metal Gear Solid V.

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It was fantastic. If it's not in the site's top 10 somebody done fucked up.

The story was kind of disappointing for me but it's the best playing game this year with an incredible soundtrack and visuals.

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Fox and the Hound: 7/10. Good, bittersweet, and wonderfully animated, but for me personally it should have gone darker. Tod, Copper, and Chief all should have fucking died. I want George R. R. Martin's The Fox and the Hound.

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The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?

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Doctor Who?

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Maybe I'll have a computer that can run it by then. I'd rather not play it on PS4, with my file for 2 being on PC.

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Should have got McConaughey.

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I tag this thread "disappointment."

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A photo of a booth with the Persona 5 logo was posted by Shane Bettenhausen, who works for Sony. This probably means that it will be shown at the PlayStation Experience. My body is ready, and I am slave.

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Man, those shaking 5s get me excited but it could easily be a really minor announcement, or Atlus trolling us.

That said, it is in February. They could start really showing the game off around then.