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Nah, I'm done after playing the third, even though it was the best. He should structure it as DLC, or episodic or something.

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Saints Row, Persona, Fire Emblem, Mass Effect? Things can get a little grim in that last one but there's still some fun with the characters.

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Silent Hills was the Oberyn Martell of AAA horror games.

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Erron Black is the coolest, but I enjoy how Kung Jin plays the most.

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I shouldn't be surprised. KojiPro was developing it, and they probably won't exist after December. But damn, damn.

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Fuckity fuck, watching this game fall apart is going to break my heart. It rivaled my excitement for Persona 5.

And it's even worse that they're removing P.T. It was the best game last year, it's free, and now anybody who doesn't have a PS4 yet can never play it. I hate you Konami.

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I wasn't huge on The Assignment. I know a lot of people liked the changes made to the stealth mechanics, but I felt like the areas in it were too tight. Enemies like the Cadaver could be a real hassle.

But I had a lot of fun with this! Fun last boss fight, cooler looking areas, just a lot nicer looking than The Assignment.

I'm really interested in what they'll do with The Keeper's chapters, though.

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What if this is the "real" Hotline Miami 2, Wrong Number was just a red herring, and that doctor WAS a viral marketing thing for Metal Gear Solid V?

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You'll never see him coming...

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Best game Suda's ever made. A PC release could get it the recognition it deserves.