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Thanks, Austin. You brought a terrific energy and voice to the site. Some of the most thoughtful writing about games anywhere. Good luck!

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It's funny to see the RE fanbase react to this the same way the Silent Hill one did to PT.

They all came around to it and were excited for Silent Hills after a few months, but at first a lot of them were PISSED it was in first person. Same complaints about how it was just copying Outlast and Amnesia (and acting like those were terrible games and not far better horror games than the recent SHs and REs...) to pander to YouTubers, etc.

I really don't get how people can get so hung up on the camera perspective. I mean I can understand the feeling that it's not in the spirit of the series, but in both cases we have yet to see any gameplay from the full game so it's way to soon to make that kind of judgement.

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Only just heard about Calamity Ganon, he looks pretty badass. Here's hoping he takes after a certain frontierswoman.

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The RE7 website says that the game will be first person, and be more horror focused. One of the devs said that this is the third phase of RE the way that RE4 was the second. So this is likely indicative of how the game will play, but settings/characters/enemies will be different.

There's talk of a German Capcom page that has hinted that the next step in "solving" the demo is using the axe (which you control like a weapon not a puzzle piece so combat will almost definitely be in the full game) somewhere upstairs. It also involves looking at the helicopter photo multiple times.

I really like the direction they've gone with this. They certainly took notes from Outlast and PT, and I'm cool with that because those are both terrific games. But I think we'll see that fused with RE1 gameplay, with a lot of inventory management, weird puzzles, hidden passageways, etc.

My only worry is that the trailer they put out seems to be entirely from this demo, and the full game is out in 7 months - though maybe we'll see a trailer for the full game when we "solve" Beginning Hour, like PT. Still, something seems off, like when the full game comes out it will feel incomplete or something. Any news when development started?

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To add to the gender discussion, I was pretty disappointed that we didn't end up playing as Linkle. That said, they denied it all the way back in E3 2014 so a bait and switch was unlikely anyhow. We kind of attach these expectations arbitrarily when it comes to existing characters, though. Leaked e-mails hinted James Bond would be played by Idris Elba, now people will be disappointed if he's played by a white dude in a way they won't if Sherlock Holmes receives the same casting. Link looked more effeminate than usual in the 2014 trailer, now we're disappointed that Link is a man in a way we wouldn't be if Mario were a man in the next Mario game.

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Best showing from E3. The breakup of Shrines (mini-dungeons) and Temples is really exciting, with there being over 100 shrines each of which give you a Spirit Orb which I'm assuming you use to unlock Temples. It's like the structure of "Jiggies" from Banjo-Kazooie applied to Zelda in a way that allows for the world to be packed with awesome secret content to discover.

EDIT: Also, on the Treehouse stream one of them said that there were 4 shrines in the "E3 Version" of the Grand Plateau, maybe they removed some that will be in the final game? That + Epona could explain why the world seems slightly barren.

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I wonder how this effects GOTY on most sites. If it was out this fall, it could have torn up and had a shot at this year's best game on Giant Bomb. But now, it'll release in February and risk being forgotten about, and the "real" release will have been in 2016. Will that disqualify it? I haven't seen a game likely for that kind of award be translated after its year of release before.

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To me, this game was near perfectly balanced in terms of the different gameplay styles. Maybe a little less climbing was in order, but beyond that I rarely felt like there was too little/much shooting/story/chases/setpieces/vehicle segments/open world type stuff (like the boat)/puzzles. The series is a jack of all trades, master of none, it works because of the variety of experiences at play, and all the "slower" sequences only add to that.

Best Uncharted for me, most definitely.

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I know we're not even halfway through the year, and we've got The Last Guardian, Persona 5, and South Park coming. But it's going to be hard to top "Playing Crash Bandicoot" for Best Moment.

It was a nice nod to Naughty Dog's history, with a lot of great throwbacks like the PS1 startup sound. The banter between Nate and Elena felt real, when usually I think most writers either mess up the gamer or the non-gamer. It was a great character moment, just going on in the background while you actually played Crash Bandicoot.

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@sodapop7 said:

I need it this year. Zelda is already gone to next year, Persona can't do that to me too.

And both were supposed to be released last year!