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I think that ratio would be more effective if used in particular tense moments, rather than the entire time. But I haven't played the game yet, maybe I'll like it how it is.

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Jam that shit into Steam and I'll buy it.

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In other games where the quests are boring, at least you're doing them in different places. You compared it to Skyrim, but that was a massive environment with way more in it than Destiny.

The complaint about Destiny's story isn't how little there is, but how much it talks about the universe without explaining it, expecting you to go onto their website and do research on the game you bought's story.

I forced myself to beat it last night, but I didn't enjoy it. I really wanted to, but I couldn't. The others who didn't either aren't doing it wrong, believe me, they paid $60 they're going to try to get the best experience out of it. They gave it a fair chance, and for them, it squandered it.

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The next news we hear about the game will be that it's delayed. #Callin'It

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Oldboy, Requiem for a Dream, Ice Age 2. That shit was fucked up.

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Near the end of Twilight Princess, I believe two dungeons before it, there's a bug where if you save at a specific save point, your file gets corrupted.

I saved there. I started from the beginning again, and beat the game. And it wasn't worth it at all.

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Have you checked out The Last Tinker?

Hadn't heard about that before, looks pretty interesting. Definitely want to see more of that kind of thing.

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What do you think will be your favourite game this year?

It's weird, but I think mine will be A Hat in Time, if the team reaches their estimate of a 2014 release. I've been waiting for N64-style 3D platformers to return, the way SNES-style 2D platformers have, and this one looks especially polished.

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@egg: The solution is to research the games you want (as in, watch videos of them on Youtube, Google information about them, ask if the JRPG's you are interested in have random encounters) and if they have random encounters, don't buy them. You treat them as something malicious, but they aren't. If you don't like games involving random encounters, do not buy them. It's that simple. If you like the general JRPG aesthetic so much that you must play them, then you'll have to put up with random encounters in a lot of the genre's most celebrated games. If it isn't worth putting up with random encounters for the other parts of JRPG's that you like, then unfortunately the genre isn't for you and you'll have to find something else to do with your time.

Because this is off-topic, I've spoiled the next part of my post. It's just a bunch of suggestions for JRPG's that do something different with this whole random encounter mess that you dislike so much. There are places to look for JRPG's that do not put you in random encounters.

Just out of curiosity, have you played Chrono Trigger and Cross and Final Fantasy XII? None of them have random encounters, though in the case of Cross you still have to transition to some battle screen to fight enemies. In FFXII's case, there is no transition whatsoever and they are on the field. FFXIII also has no random encounters but that game is divisive for good reasons.

Bravely Default allows you to turn random encounters completely off whenever you want. You're still going to have to fight them, as you need to level up, but if you just want to say "fuck it, I want to look around this dungeon without fighting anything", you can do that. Segregate your fighting and your exploring. When playing this game, I usually listen to my own music while fighting through a dungeon, then turn off random encounters and go back through it for anything I might have missed - treasure, secrets, and so on. I don't know if you find that acceptable or not.

Like Chrono Cross, Radiant Historia represents its encounters with an enemy onscreen that you touch. Tales of Symphonia also does this. As I've mentioned before, Shin Megami Tensei IV doesn't randomly place you in a battle but dangerous areas are teeming with enemies that are often not easy or impossible to get away from.

Xenoblade Chronicles has no random encounters either.

All of these are pretty good JRPG's that are worth looking into if you like JRPG's but don't want to deal with traditional random encounters. I'm sure there are more if you want to research JRPG's without random encounters.

"The solution is to research the games you want (as in, watch videos of them on Youtube, Google information about them, ask if the JRPG's you are interested in have random encounters) and if they have random encounters, don't buy them." <--- That's the obvious solution and what I was going to do. (and what I actually was doing at least for a while) But as I've explained, this is basically me giving the game companies a helping hand, and is putting myself through a bunch of hoops just to make sure the game I'm getting is playable.

"You treat them as something malicious, but they aren't." <-- I agree. Random encounters aren't malicious. They are merely the result of causality. Same with cancer and AIDs. Come to think of it, this reminds me of a video I saw somewhere where a guy argues that zombies aren't evil.

As you said, this requires a lot of research and sidestepping that other people don't have to put up with. If I was so smart, I should be able to tell when I'm not wanted, and not play JRPG's at all. To answer the thread, however, Persona as a series when taken as a whole, contains randomly triggered encounters, and that simply could not count as AAA in this day and age. Random encounters say a lot about a series, and among them the fact it is not AAA, but an abortion and something strictly for the niche audience. You will never have a CoD or Halo game send you to the same room over and over every single time an enemy appears solely to ration the processing power / memory of the system. "what a great idea this is"

1. If it's that big a deal you can just Google "does (whatever game) have random encounters," it's hardly putting yourself through a bunch of hoops, and it's well below the level of effort that I would put into any purchasing decision in terms of games.

2. This... I... Um...

3. AAA, as others has pointed out, refers to budget not quality. It's a silly term, but nothing about random encounters prevents a game from falling under it. As for the second part, does appearing in a different room matter all that much? Your previous comments seemed to criticize them for disincentivizing exploration, but can't the same be said of CoD/Halo? The environments you explore in those games are filled with people trying to murder you.