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red dwarf tactics.

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why stop at 16GB. surely 65 or 127 GB would be MUCH better.

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this thread is like a massive turd than refuses to flush

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sometimes the press is maybe untrustworthy or sometime maybe lack integrity (not GB)

but its the 'fans' who are fucking embarrassing.

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not really. but posting about it does

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i just rubbed my face over the keyboard. that's about as useful and insightful as most user reviews isn't it?

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@Sooty said:

I think Call of Duty will still be rehashed each year, perhaps with current and next gen versions for the first year of the new consoles. As long as Call of Duty lives, I don't think many other shooters will have a chance to succeed, modern military will still be the in-theme.

well after EA announced that they are laying to rest the MoH franchise after poor sales i think the modern military shooter might be on the decline.

Far Cry 3 however has done really well

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why would you play skyrim on a 360 if you have it on the PC.

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@Mesoian said:

Which is silly since the game is already incredibly easy.

i'd heard from multiple people and reviews that towards the end the game is really hard. so you must be like amazing at it.

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but he has white hair so its better than DmC by default.