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@Demoskinos said:

Anyone seen this? Apparently this hasn't stopped. In fact... its gotten worse.

After seeing this I can conclude that this Aris person is garbage and not worthy of appearing in social gatherings. His absence from the world would make it a better place.

And those immature boys in the video should know better than to allow Aris to keep the camera trained on her girly bits. They're lousy individuals as well. They're enabling harassment and should be reprimanded accordingly.

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@benson: You behave very childishly. I don't appreciate it.

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@DesmondN said:

@MangyForestKitten if he is the problem then so is GB, Destructoid, Kotaku, the tools over at Ars Technica and like 90% of the sanctemonious hypocrites commenting on this article. If it had been a male being harassed this would have NEVER made the news even if I do care. GB hopped along the drama train to try to get hits, not because they actually give a shit.

Giantbomb doesn't work like that. If you'd viewed the website for any length of time that should be evident to you.

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I can't be alone in thinking Aris' apology is half-hearted at best.

I commend Patrick, and others, who call out people like Aris when they make offensive statements. Just because talking like that has worked out for Aris until now, that doesn't mean it's acceptable. Behavior like that should be squashed with extreme prejudice.

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Ryan looks great.

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That blacksmiths all have the same dialogue with you too.

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Personally I play with a fire enchantment because I find it hilarious when anything I pummel bursts into flames. Especially bears.

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Well that's not going to happen. I've accepted the fact that I'll need to start a new game with the logic that I can make much better decisions for my character, at least in the early game.

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This past week I've been house-sitting for a friend. Since he has a PS3 I figured I'd buy Skyrim and play it at his house for the week, so I did. I then copied my saves to a flash drive. I thought great it's allowing me to transfer these saves over. Unfortunately it didn't allow me to do this with my Saints Row 3 saves; but I thought I was okay since it did allow my Skyrim stuff to be transferred, and those were the important ones. I get home to my PS3 and copy the save files over no problem. But when I start the game it tells me that I cannot save my progress any further because the save does not match my PSN ID.

Is there a way I can fix my files so I can continue playing? I tried PS3 Save Unlocker but all my files were listed as corrupt when they were transferred to the console. I refuse to believe that I'll have to start a new character. I'm 35+ hours into this one!

There has to be a way, right?

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It is nice of Sony to offer this, though those prices seem steep. The people that think Sony is forcing you to buy a game you've already bought are idiots. You can still play your UMDs on the system they were designed to be played on. The program affords you the ability to buy whole new digital versions of games for a cheaper price that can be played on the new hardware.

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