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I tried to edit the release info (not the listed date on the main page, but the release itself), but can't see how in the new format. It says May 31, 2005, rather than May 31, 1995.

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They just passed $60,000. Klepek Bump?

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You'd think they'd just make it $9.99 on the US store and €9.99 on the European store, to keep it even. Sucks for the European users, but that's the way it's been for years.

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So a quick question about the ending. If you choose to Evacuate and then go does that even work? I mean, does he just say the same stuff and act like nothing ever happened? Or is it remarked upon that this really shouldn't be happening again? I played through each ending (I replayed the last level), and have been having trouble deciding which one I want to carry into NG+.

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I see a bunch of other people have on Twitter, but mine haven't yet. Give it time?

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My achievements haven't updated in about two weeks.

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I smell a lawsuit brewing. Or at least, there Goddamned well should be.

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@Skronk61 said:
Who isn't connected to the Internet when their computer is on?
Some people can't get broadband where they live. Shocking, I know.
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" PC gamers have a point when it comes to fears potential servers woes could prevent them from playing, but I'm sympathetic to the profound effect piracy's had on PC gaming, and I'm hard pressed to find too many instances where someone would find themselves without a connection.
One ISP or router blip (which happens more often than you'd think, especially in rural areas) and you're kicked out of your single player game without saving progress.