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A Reminiscence 0

I still remember scaring the bejeezus out of myself playing this when I was seven. Despite that initial experience, I tried again and got a lot better; today, it's one of my favourite games of all-time, and I still try to go back (when Windows will let me) and relive the magic. I still remember the light blue "Voluntarily Rated PC-13" screen, the diagnostic "lights" screen, the cries of "Mein Leiben!" from the blue-uniformed guards, "Let's See That Again!" with the Kill-Cam, and of course, the a...

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An all-time classic. 0

When Unreal Tournament was released in 1999, it was arguably the most varied, entertaining shooter out there. Besides the standard DeathMatch and Capture the Flag, there was Last Man Standing, Domination, InstaGib, and Assault. Furthering the value of UT were the Mutators, a number of little mini-mods built into the game that allowed you to play in low gravity, with only X weapon, or disable superweapons or powerups. Also nice was the variety of weapons: in addition to the expected pistols, mach...

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That's it? 0

(Author's Note: Yes, I was a UT fanboy at the time I wrote this.  I still stand by the sentiment, if not the expression.)There was a time when id Software was famous for making innovative and awesome games. Remember Wolfenstein 3D, the granddaddy of the FPS? And Doom, the one that put the genre on the map, and gave us DeathMatch? And Quake, the one that brought us true 3D? Those days are gone, my friends. Now, id is an engine developer, occasionally creating an empty shell of a game to promote s...

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Almost perfect. 0

(Author's Note: This review was originally written shortly after the game's release; certain topical references have been left for the sake of simplicity.)After delivering a powerful performance with last year's ESPN NHL Hockey, developer Kush Games has scored another victory in the name of good hockey gaming, making exactly the kind of upgrades you would expect from an annual sports title, rather than simply delivering the glorified roster update many expected at the US$20 price point. In fact,...

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Immensely fun, though slightly flawed. 0

The last hockey game I played before picking this up was NHL PowerPlay '96, so you can imagine I was a little bit leery about approaching the genre again after missing eight years of gameplay development--it would be like jumping from Doom's DeathMatch to Unreal Tournament 2004 with little in between. After a bit of research (and playing the EA NHL 2004 demo), I eventually decided on this game, and I have not regretted it for a minute. For starters, the whole thing is set up like an ESPN broadca...

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This game is broken. 0

Hasbro has adapted many familiar board games and game shows into video games with mixed results, but perhaps the weakest of these is Axis & Allies. Buggy gameplay, laughably predictable AI, and virtually non-existent sound make what could have been a great Risk-esque game into a nightmare of mediocrity.For starters, the game will randomly crash for no good reason. Replicating the conditions of a crash does no good, because it never seems to happen the same way twice. It certainly demonstrate...

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