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Yeah I have been expexting this for a while. Patrick is just one of those crazy (lol) people who can't stay in one place. Look how many times he has changed jobs and moved! Some times I thought he might realize that Giantbomb is the perfect fit for him, but it's just not meant to be I guess. Best of luck!

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Okay I'm glad I found this. I was super confused there for a minute.

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@budwyzer: are you kidding people fucking love walmart! Just ask Dan Rykert.

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Two runes? Extra gold and XP from a rune? What in the hell is happening???

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I sent a request to join both the west and EU clans because I work nights. Name is the same as here: Dooley

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F1 is the epitome of racing. It's high tech, high speed and full of drivers with incredibly high skill. I hope this brings more fans to the sport. Thanks Drew!

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This is going to come off really bad and I am going to seem like a douche but I am going to say it anyway. You guys are pussies. Man up and kill that bastard who just invaded you. They are forcing it on us this time around for a reason. Its fun.

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I hate them for not releasing this the same day as the PS3. I can't wait. I really can't.

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Having never played the older SimCity games I actually really enjoyed this one. Spent a few hundred hours in it and had a blast. It's really not that bad you guys.

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Wow Alex! What a great list and even better write up. Thank you!