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The second screenshot is from CC2. First one is CC1. Exclusive!

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@counterclockwork87 said:

Jeff needs to hear about this, I have no doubt he will Quick Look it if he knew about it

He's the one who made this wiki page. #TeamQuickLook #Believe

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Holy crap! It's finally out! A game stuck in trademark hell for decades!

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I don't remember any explicit MGS2 spoilers -- they may have said something like "that game is crazy" and talked about one of the bosses (who I think you see early-ish in the game anyway). The boss is Vamp. I think the Sunset Overdrive "end boss spoiler" (the end boss being some prominent voice actor's head or something) was just a joke, but I haven't played the game to know either way. They did mention one specific boss fight (cutscene?) in that game which is a minor spoiler of a joke. They talk about that World War 1 game and how it "gets serious" or something but I don't think they got more explicit than that.

Today I'm expecting a lot of spoilers in the best story category so one can skip to 53:00, which is right after the end of the best story category.

edit: Ass Creed Unity ending spoiler at 1:27:40 ish.

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Game Room archives & maybe Polar Bear's Cafe

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@patrickklepek I never once thought Resident Evil 4 used black bars on the GameCube for artistic reasons. RE4 pushed the GameCube to its limits and thus had a smaller rendering window because of it. If I recall correctly black bars were present on both 4:3 and 16:9 display modes. The Wii version apparently did the same thing, but that was a port job and maybe the developers weren't trying to get the best possible performance out of the Wii.

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Jeff made some kind of post about harassment after people were harassing those who criticized GB's choices for the new hires (Dan & Jason). I don't know what a GG post would accomplish. Nobody within GG trusts Giant Bomb. They wouldn't change any minds. It's clear that Giant Bomb is already against harassment. It would just invite more negative comments on the GB crew while also re-igniting negative comments on the existing targets.

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@drzing: The DNS server is the greatest invention in human history.

If you want literally every website you visit to be sent to Google, sure. I'll stick with OpenDNS, which is very similar but has the bonus of NOT doing that.

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You're not getting that book back.

Talking to the store would help you get some closure though, so I recommend you do it.