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You're not getting that book back.

Talking to the store would help you get some closure though, so I recommend you do it.

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Go back and play both of them. Both have a lot of filler missions that don't hold up well. 100 coin stars? No thank you.

You could take the good stars from SM64 and the good shines from Sunshine and end up with a great, 9/10, 80-star-or-so remix. Galaxy and especially Galaxy 2 have a much higher ratio of good content to overall content.

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Brad was a mix of good and bad as the host. Listeners can fast-forward through "boring" conversations, but people who are interested can't magically hear a conversation that never happened or was cut short. If the people in the room want to talk, and there's one person out there who wants to listen, why cut them off?

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Three movies everyone must watch:

1. Citizen Kane (1941, Black and White) - see if you can spot how every movie takes its inspiration from Citizen Kane. Maybe you'll be too busy enjoying the great story and camera work. Whether you know the ending ahead of time or not is irrelevant: it's an interesting footnote on the best and most revolutionary movie ever made.

2. The Godfather (1972, Color) - Marlon Brando stars and gives the best performance of any person in any film, as far as I have seen. Mobsters doing mob things. Boring at times, yet in retrospect, everything is necessary.

3. North by Northwest - (1959, Color) - Alfred Hitchcock, the king of suspense, directs his most suspenseful movie ever: a cold-war-era spy drama. Never a dull moment, never more than one step ahead of the bad guys.

I use IMDB and TSPDT for my classic-movie needs. TSPDT is heavily biased towards "artsy" and "classic" movies, while IMDB is biased towards movies that are fun to watch and that a man aged around 18-30 would enjoy.

North by Northwest will be the easiest one to get drawn into (10 minutes should be plenty). But as the other two movies get going, they are very interesting. The Godfather starts out pretty interesting, takes a little break, then gets more interesting.

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I'd rather get a subscription for $35 than a $50 one that comes with $15 off for their store. I guess subscriber numbers are good enough that they don't need to do this anymore?

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If you've actually played Windjammers, you know how much fun it is. If the Giant Bomb staff wasn't having fun playing Windjammers, they wouldn't play it.

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This is great.

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I'm at 1:39:10 and after horror I haven't noticed any spoilers. edit: Stanley Parable references around 1:50

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I'm 0 for 3 so far, but Zelda made it to position number 01 on Vinny's list. Kind of a wash for my overall site prediction then.