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I think what works for me is "less is more" - as in only purchase or play 1 or 2 games at a time and only if you want to play them. After graduating and getting a full time job, I found that I lacked the energy to play games after work, although at work I would read about them still.

Having income made me purchase all these games I read up about but never had the time to play them. The end result made me have a gigantic backlog across all systems - this stressed me out a lot because I jumped to about 5 different games within a few hours and couldn't decide on one, so barely any progress would be made. So I got rid of some of them (mainly the xbox and tons of ps3 games) and narrowed it down to only a few games.

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@wrighteous86: Yeah its plotted throughout the two seasons and it does drag at times but characters like holder and a few others really make the show shine.

@soapy86: I really do hope Lynch makes a return to it.

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Damn I wish they did a final season or a follow movie to further to story. Season 2 finale was too abrupt and bleak, made it look like there was no hope left for cooper.

Twin Peak fans, check out "The Killing" US version. Goes only the same lines as Twin Peaks minus the setting and supernatural themes.

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At least I don't buy handhelds anymore... The GBA was my last handheld. Although I am going to want to play those DS and 3DS Fire Emblem games one day...

Guys I think I have a problem.

That's how it starts lol!! Buy a console for a title. I bought another 360 months later after I sold my previous one after watching Deadly Premonition endurance runs on giantbomb.

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Are you one of those types who own every single current gen console? I remember being a kid just imagining what it would be like to have a job and be able to buy what you what - fast forward a decade later and here I am.

I currently own a wii u, ps3, xbox 360 and gaming desktop, also own a vita and a 3ds xl. Not trying to brag, I'm sure every gamer will go crazy and spend their cash and whatever games and tech they want. But the problem I've found is that I never have the time to use them. Life just gets way too busy and time gets more precious as you get older.. I don't know about you guys but I plan on selling these things later and just stick to the one console or laptop in the future. My golden days of gaming are gone...

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I'm gonna add in Deathadder as well. It's my second mouse which I've been using for a good number of years, great design, all round rubber grip. Before that I had a Logitech Mx518.

The Mx518 was great, had little sensitivity buttons near the scroll which I used to use exclusively for controlling tank turrets e.g Bf2 to make the turret spin faster.

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I've gone through 2 creative sound cards and ended up with just a headphone DAC+AMP and never looked back. I remember being super excited to hear all the extra details in Bioshock and BF2 because it was using EAX, it was great! But now that I think of it not many games use EAX, the only benefit I see in getting a dedicated solution is if your an audiophile or into music production.

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I've got The Amazing Spider-Man sitting in it at the moment, wont be coming out till I finish it.

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Nice so I'm pretty close. Yeah I've missed a ton of the golden guns, might do it on my second play through if I have time.

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Yeah I'm really enjoying it, might wait till I finish to determine if its my GOTY. Am I nearing the final chapters? I stopped playing around panama.

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