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I was home sick having somehow caught strep throat and mono at the same time, during E3. Found a post-E3 livestream. Was hooked ever since.

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There is a selection screen where the only selection is CONTINUE HUSTLIN'

It's the only way to be. The only game in town. That blows. Jeff's great, though. He will keep.

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Charlotte has done more since getting the belt to distinguish herself as a top talent then anyone else I can think of off hand. Hated her win over Natty. Absolutely adore her now.

I also feel I am not receiving enough Vaudevillains content. That is the better use of a throwaway 30 minute Network show than most other things.

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@marino: How many years did it take for that game to have more than two healing sound effects, anyway?

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Everyone's hopes were up after Madden 25 was a great year-to-year feature complete upgrade to the new generation, and after the Madden 06 fiasco we all expected EA Sports to be better than this. Sure the game only sells 700k and art assets are expensive, but that's what HUT card money is for.

But then I remembered this is the NBA Live studio and then... welp.

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The mere mention of Unrest puts nightmares of frenzied beetles into my bones.

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Patch plan summary:

Sept- Playoff mode, BAP coaching while on bench, 3 stars, HUT hud changes

October- Online team play, GM drafting ( A kind of on-the-clock mode, which explains why normal menu drafting may have been cut)

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Post release plans released by EA HERE

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@pr1mus said:

Is Hockey still in the game?

The hockey part feels pretty good. Goalies are still hilariously weak to the 45 degree backhand, but other than that it's pretty good.

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It would be lovely if there was another side, this is just a super stripped product.