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Make sure every power socket on the motherboard is connected. Sometimes there's a four pin connector near the CPU for the CPU fan that some people accidentally skip. There should be a set of jumpers near the battery on the motherboard to reset the BIOS; consult your motherboard's manual to find them. Make sure your video card, if it requires external power, has its power plugged in. That's what those six pin power cables are for.

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Those underestimating the Russian military aren't thinking about the possible ROE. A ground war against a nuclear nation won't happen. Air and naval engagements against the RF's naval and air resources would be something the US hasn't seen since fighting repurposed Russian MIG's over Vietnam, and even then not on the same scale. Russia's higher tech military power is 100% designed to cause havoc to NATO forces and American/European power would take losses. In the kind of battle that would actually be fought the U.S. is better armed but nowhere near as invincible as it's been the past 30 years.

So it's more like Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. I guess.

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Blocking off the EC tunnel with treeforms. Having a bunch of halflings clip through to run trade; and charging a premium.

Also: NOTHING catches a bard with a drum. NOTHING.

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Kagone, I've got you added. I probably won't mess with the GM modes, but I'm always down. MightyDuck, I'll get you added tonight. And my interest in NHL 15 doesn't mean I'm not creepy, sorry.

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@ashkev said:

Good interview. Would like to see another with Justin Wong!

A Justin Wong interview would be really interesting, since he has a really long and storied fighting game career to discuss as well. I think that interview especially would require a lot more research from Patrick, since you'd probably want to talk to him about MVC2/3 as well as SF and stuff too, but I'd definitely want to see more FGC/esport coverage on the site as well. Obviously not a ton, since that isn't really the focus of the site, but stuff like this is interesting. (I know cbsi technically owns ongamers but I like the more casual angle Patrick/GB would be able to take with some of that stuff)

I don't think OnGamers goes deep enough on their FGC stuff either. Who really does a good job with it is Maxwell McG.... fuck.

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Like their wife and son, for example.

No, I'm not proud of that.

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@tourgen said:

Maxwell McBargins of It Came from XBLIG fame!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you god damn monsters.

I KNOW ARGH it betrays the man's kindness

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Team bat top forever. It's me, I'm the guy with a Happ and a metal eight-way gate.

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"If you don't like seeing news about people being laid off from websites, consider turning off your ad blocker. "

Ugh, tweets and ideologies like this just really burns me. Yes, it is my fault they got layed off. Not the Ad agencies that cover 90% of my screen, cause my eardrums to burst with louder than normal sounds (which is supposed to be illegal now), and exposing me to potential backdoor threats. Nah, it is all my fault.

If anything I'd think the losses to amateur and semi-pro social media is probably worse than the decline in the ad market.

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Adblock didn't help, but that kind of impression advertising was already on its way out. Shiftier ad networks and more invasive ads, needed to get any value from display advertising, hastened the rise of adblock. It's shitty all around.