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I can't hear the Chip & Dale's music without thinking of this early flash gem:

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Let me go off the beaten path a little bit.

The California Games NES menu music -

And WURM Journey to the Center of the Earth's boss music

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Snitches getting biographies is pretty good on the scale of what snitches usually get.

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@berniesbc said:

People who claim to just "not like onions" are a bunch of liars, because there is no way someone could not at least like caramelized onions. In general I think people who have long, long lists of foods that they dislike simply ate some garbage rendition of a food and then never gave it another shot.

Onions and cilantro taste like soap to me. Grilled, raw, boiled, fried, however. Fuck onions, and that's the truth.

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I don't like mayo but I don't mind it if I have access to hot sauce. Undercover Brother was a very formative movie for me.

Oh and also fuck eggplant. Slimy nasty stuff.

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I am all the way team boneless. Nothing off the bone, ever. I don't care for onions or asparagus and like most of my greens raw. That's about it.

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@doomocrat: Dan in no way shape or form represents the people of this state. But that said, there are only a couple of places here worth visiting.

That was a bit broad a statement, I feel like I'm walking on egg whites when posting sometimes.

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All I know is now I never want to go to Kansas. Ever.

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Jason should harness the power of Maxwell & Tay to create the only listenable FGC podcast on the entire internet.

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I don't know, as a certified Internet Veteran (tm) Bradmails are like a 2/10 on the pain scale.