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I imagine all the people here waiting for the Bombcast looking like the hollows collected at the entrance to New Londo Ruins.

I'm watching a hockey game and checking during commercial breaks and intermission. Now that the Stars have let in 5 for the 10th(!) time in 28 games I'm watching the game less and less and checking twitter more and more. The real Dark Souls is at American Airlines Center.

The Stars have given up 3+ goals in 18 of 28 games this season.

If you play 15 on PS4 I'm doomocrat there as well :D

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content thirsty

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@thesoutherndandy: Nah, it's no problem if a Shoemaker falls asleep on the job.

Elves just show up and finish his work for him.

Rare you find a deep cut through an open door.

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Punch-Out!! music used during hockey fights here in Dallas. Corneria metal remix also used to pump crowd back up after commercial breaks.

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I was home sick having somehow caught strep throat and mono at the same time, during E3. Found a post-E3 livestream. Was hooked ever since.

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There is a selection screen where the only selection is CONTINUE HUSTLIN'

It's the only way to be. The only game in town. That blows. Jeff's great, though. He will keep.

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Charlotte has done more since getting the belt to distinguish herself as a top talent then anyone else I can think of off hand. Hated her win over Natty. Absolutely adore her now.

I also feel I am not receiving enough Vaudevillains content. That is the better use of a throwaway 30 minute Network show than most other things.

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@marino: How many years did it take for that game to have more than two healing sound effects, anyway?

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Everyone's hopes were up after Madden 25 was a great year-to-year feature complete upgrade to the new generation, and after the Madden 06 fiasco we all expected EA Sports to be better than this. Sure the game only sells 700k and art assets are expensive, but that's what HUT card money is for.

But then I remembered this is the NBA Live studio and then... welp.

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The mere mention of Unrest puts nightmares of frenzied beetles into my bones.