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Boo fucking hoo. Are you kidding me with this drivel? Bullying, the silent enemy. Holy balls people need to get a grip in this day and age. Guess what, everyone was bullied growing up, back in the day it is what made people stronger.

You know why bullying is such a big deal now? Because people making it a big deal have made those who get bullied feel like it is the end of the world, they feel like the only resort they have is to end their life.

Man up World, or we are all going down the crapper.

The fact that people are afraid to talk about being bullied is exactly what the fucking problem is. To say that "everyone was bullied" and that they should "man up" is a slap in the face for people who have genuinely suffered psychologically from bullying.

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Cool story bro.

Eh, eh?

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He never stays in one place for long does he?

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Somewhat similar issue for me, I'm watching on a second monitor and when I click back to my main monitor it goes out of full screen.

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@buckybit said:

@Rahf: it is mentioned in the game. Loading screen. Also the creator repeatedly said it. But I was polemic. Why NOT a story about Brad Muir?!

@MordeaniisChaos: @phantomzxro: etc, ... my argument is this: the biography stands in the way of the game.

The game should - ironically, just like a son - stand on it's own feet?

Independent from it's father/creator. Indendent from Sony PR or 'video game' journalists jumping on that part of the background they heard of, because the Official Sony Blog talked about it publicly (first) in freaking June 2011. (That's the main reason, why I felt the itch to shit on this. Because I am getting fed with this 'story' for so long - again and again) The biography is in the way of the game and becomes an excuse for a 'bad' game. Suddenly everyone is all teared up and emotional & everyone else saying 'meh' to the game is a bad, heartless person - or a sociopath ... or is accused of having a "troubled life", like @Xeirus: suggested. You should keep the personal from the professional. The game website "The Escapist" has its name for a reason.

"Reading" your OWN meaning into the games is part of the fun of playing videogames? If you get the 'official' version by the author, the authorship - like a dictator, like dominant figure, you might say, like an alcoholic abusive father - stands in the way of your (players/consumers/Sony-customers) own imagination, you cannot enjoy the work for what it is. In literary theory this is called "close reading". It kills your own independent thinking/imagination. You get every aspect of the work chewed for you before you get to eat it.

The blog post is written by Cabellero...

are you seriously going to use this article as your platform to champion independent thought? If that's your mission, why should I let you tell me how games are meant to be enjoyed, experienced and judged?

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I'm tearing up as I read this...

My father died last month and he was an alcoholic. He was not abusive or mean in any way when he was drinking, but any addiction in a family obviously takes its toll. I think the worst part was watching my granddad, who had late stage cancer at the time, complete break down in tears and barely able to speak a coherent sentence. I have never in my life seen a man so distraught. He died three weeks later in hospital.

I am currently on sick leave and taking medication since the last 3 months have completely drained me of energy.

Thank you for stories like these Patrick. As Cabellero said, it helps to know you're not alone.

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@clush: He makes Namco a lot of money. I'm sure he'll be fine.

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@lordofultima said:

@TPoppaPuff said:

Harada is absolutely right. These "fans" he speaks of need to quit being jackasses. The voices were dreadfully shitty and clearly that comunity or subset doesn't get it, but it's the GAMEPLAY that matters, not voices.

@cikame said:

Also, "Tekken may be less relevant these days", go bury yourself. Judging by your reaction every time Tekken is brought up i'm almost sure you posted this 'news' with ill intent Patrick.

Tekken was the most popular fighting series of the late 90s or at least irrefutably on the PlayStation. Now it is like the 4th most relevent at best? Certainly well behind Street Fighter, MK, and Soul Calibur.

Maybe you should go bury yourself...

Isn't Tekken consistently the most popular arcade fighter in Japan? I'm pretty sure it is. Soul Calibur is getting next to no player support, sounds like you're the one a little out of touch. Tons of hype surrounding the console release of Tag 2 in the states, by comparison.

It remains the best selling fighting game franchise of all time and it's also the most popular fighter in Japanese arcades.

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@Alex_Carrillo said:

This person is still a piece of shit. It wasn't his defense of the vile, anti-social video game scene he's a part of, it's to due with how he treated another human being, and how he comports himself around members of the opposite sex. This isn't an isolated incident. This bearded man-cow has had history of being absolutely repulsive towards women.

Until he changes that completely, he can go fuck himself (as I assume is the only possible way he can get off), and so can anyone else who defends his dog shit behavior.

There are actual women defending him too, you know that? "He is not sexist" and "he is a nice guy", those are actual quotes from the other woman on the show. It's not all black and white.

I don't think anyone is questioning the fact that Miranda was hurt, but there's more to this that only people that were there know about.

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Hey Patrick, if you want to hear the other side of this, including Aris' comments:

It's 30 minutes in.