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Well, I figured out my favorite part of this game, you guys. It's not that it's named Way of the Dogg and that he's already abandoned the Snoop Lion persona, though.

It's NOT that Snoop Dogg is potentially getting his own Fists of Fire, which is pretty awesome.

It's not even that the game is being published by 505, the guys who published Blackwater, which is amazing.

No, it's that Snoop Dogg has been in a good fighting game in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but he decided to hold off his persona as a playable fighter for the guys who published Blackwater and the guys who developed...well, nothing before Way of the Dogg. Incredible.

What's your favorite part of this incredible product?

No word exists to describe the beauty of this fine piece of art

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Really who even cares anymore . Where's my alien space shooter......wait Halo comes out in the fall lol

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Seriously don't feel too bad , I wondered in that game for like five hours and didn't really accomplish anything except for finding a bunch of places and became a werewolf lol. Anyway it's super easy to get distracted and as long as it's still a good time to you it doesn't matter.

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What. The . Shit. Was that mess here's a working link for the trailer that destroyed the Metal Gear franchise.....

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Whether any of us try to sue Microsoft for any reason doesn't matter , what matters is the fact that they for us to agree to giving up our rights. This sucks because i'm very much a pro-Xbox/Microsoft kind of person and laughed when Sony pulled this a couple months back and that we on the Xbox wouldn't have to deal with mess like this...until now. This blows, good job Microsoft for letting a very loyal customer down.

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I think the random dragon incounter was awesome you shouldn't re-shoot it lol.