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Just gonna bump this up since it has been working so far. Meet up with a few fun ppl

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I really enjoyed the experience. I would like to get some more people involved in the conversation. Now that we have one video under our belt, we are experts! If anyone else wants to join in for next time, send me a PM. I'll setup another stream sometime next week.

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@noizy said:

So you want to produce a vodcast with a bunch of strangers? Maybe start with some of your friends and people you know already and know will gel, otherwise it might just turn into a trainwreck. Unless that's your goal. :P But I encourage you to try. Good luck.

I agree it might turn into a trainwreck. I expect to learn a lot on the fly. Luckily, people can't help but watch a trainwreck so it'll be one of the attractions if that ends up happening :)

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@csl316 said:

Oh man, like a new age AOL chat room. That won't end well.

lol , Only good can come of this :)

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Well, it's good to know there is some interest in listening at least. I'll post a link to everything once I get some people willing to participate. I also want to emphasize that you don't need to lead an incredible life to join the hang out. Sometimes your boring life is only boring to you. I worked with a guy from morocco and his everyday childhood stories were entertaining to me since he led such and different life than mine. I will have the chat available for those that just wanna hang out but not be the center of attention :)

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Rofl, damn auto correct... Hey Dudders....

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*edit* Decided on a time. 9PM EST tonight. So about 30 mins or so. Come join the chat if you want :)

Hey Dodgers

I have been listening to Bombing in the AM and the regular bombcast since the beginning and I

Always found it interesting to hear some of the emails that were read. Some people lead interesting live, have neat jobs and just all around great stories. I have decided to setup a Google+ account so that I can chat with random people and record it in a hang out. I am a social person and I enjoy chatting with anyone and everyone. If you are interest in participating in a Google hangout that will be recorded and uploaded to youtube afterwards, send me a PM and I will provide you with more details.

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Hey ma! I made a friend today! :)

I'll add you.

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I am looking for people that want to play GTAV online in group chats. I am enjoying the online but I get bored when nobody is chatting and/or having a good time. I am already on the BOMB crew and I would like to enjoy this game with other people, having fun raising my RP and just exploring and having fun with the game. I'm 34 years old and easy going so if you want send me a friend invite. Gamertag Xdups

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Found this

Trying it right now to see if this helps.