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I haven't touched my psp since early 2009. Seriously, I haven't. So which games have come out since that would be worth purchasing? I know my wife likes it when I sit beside her on the couch while she watches something I dont care to watch. So I might as well get ready for the fall season lol
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You wonder if Guitar Hero will still be able to compete with lack of innovation....
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I actually  would love to see a debit machine that can read your card which ever way you swipe it. Regardless of the pictures they try putting on it you always guess incorrectly!!
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Everquest 1.It was my first time playing an MMORPG and it kept me entertained for 3+ years
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I know of where I can find out about achievements. It's just sometimes I wonder why developpers make some secret achievements that are next to impossible to figure out without a leak of information or hacker.
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 I can't think of many off the top of my head. But I find that some secret achievements are next to impossible to figure out and I wonder if anyone actually figures them out. Or if someone that actually works on the game tells someone and then they tell someone else etc etc..
For example
Smile for Geometry Wars 2. It has no description and you have to end up failing some levels on a certain mode. When you fail a level you get an X and on the overworld screen that shows which levels you passed or not so the end result is a bunch of X and O that form a smile. It's not a super obvious smile either. So I tend to wonder how some people even figure this stuff out? Does anyone here have it on good authority that the people making the game might tell one person and like I mentioned before it just spreads through word of mouth/internet?
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No bans ... yet :)
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I'd like to hear the thoughts from my fellow gamers.

1. Which consoles do you currently own?
2. Do you want a next gen console to come out soon or do you prefer the current generation to continue for a while longer?
3. If they were to put out new consoles next year, We'll say Christmas 2011, would you purchase one day one?


My answers

1. I only have an xbox 360 right now. I plan on getting a PS3 later on. I have a 2 year old boy but I am hoping to be able to hold out buy a wii until the next gen of Wii is out and still plays the dozen or so really worth playing wii games.

2. I have so many games that I have yet to play this generation that I have no interest of purchasing a next gen console at the moment. I am hoping that this generation continues for a while because I find that now that developpers know how to program for this generation and they pretty much know the limitations of each console. They seem to have more success in trying to make a game fun, polished and look good. Instead of just trying to make a good looking game.

3. Like I mentioned before, I have so many games to catch up on that I think I would be buying a next gen console late in its life cycle.

Anyhow, your thoughts?

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Believe it or not... The Darkness
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@TheDoorman said:
"The co-op missions are real easy, I beat every mission with two people and we always got gold. "

This helps him how? Try providing him with tips and advice instead of bragging how easy something was for you.