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Ooops.. he was born on April 10th... I am tired :P We were thinking he was going to be born on April 1st though. I am a joker in real life. 
Funny enough you mention xbox live MP. I think I would never let him play MP with a headset for a looooooooong time. At least until I hear him cursing enough to be able to contribute to the yelling teenager! lol   
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and he is ready to kick some butt!!! ..... in .... a few years!!

So my son turned 2 on April 10th , 2010. He is already interested in my games! My prayers are being answered! I told my wife, as soon as he is able to play games, I will be his perminent babysitter! lol. Seriously though .... I can't wait for him to start gaming with me :)

I actually purchased a Nintendo 64 in a yard sale. I actually missed that generation of gaming (thanks a lot Everuqest) so.. I am slowly getting a collection of great games I missed and I will experience them with my son as we both play the games together for the first time :)    

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@Ciffy said:
"is that from one of the prince of persia games?  We'll say sands of time if i have to guess. "

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NEVER!! I literaly was in tears!
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I just purchased a Nintendo 64 in a yard sale. It has Donkey Kong 64 with it ... so I'll let you know what I decide... hehehe decisions decisions :P
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So I played Everquest for 3 or 4 years and thus missed out on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation era. I LOVE video games! I have a 2 year old boy and I just can't wait to play games with him. So I was at the yard sale and I see a box with a Nintendo 64, a switch (to switch between consoles! BONUS!!) and the following games, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time and Majora's mask, Mario Party 3, donkey kong 64, etc  Got it all for 15 bucks!!! Sweet!!

Now my intentions were to play this with my son and experience the games together for the first time.... i just don't know how long I can stand not playing these games!!!    

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"YouTube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly." lol - What are the odds. Well it's worth the watch in my opinion....well...if you enjoy secret passages and such :)

Try again later

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Hmmmmmmm, I checked the link and it is the proper link. Youtube seems to be slow right now. I had to let it queue up for a while when watching it my first time around.

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This is amazing news for someone like me. I only got back into console gaming at the end of last gen and I had gotten an xbox for modding reasons ;P  I missed the entire PS1 generation as well because I was hooked to Everquest and that was the only thing that existed. With this being said, once I get a PS3 if I had backwards compatibility for both PS2 and PS1..... oh god. My game queue is huge lol.  Luckily I have a 15 month old son so I will try to experience the past gems with him once he is able to play games :)