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Blazer74 said:
"I did. I played it a lot actually. There were like 5 endings so you know I had to play through and get them all. Its still one of the best adventure games of all times."

There was more than one ending?! Can anyone confirm this? If so I think I just might have to go back and play it again to try and get another ending.
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I'll be playing it on the 360 seeing how that is the only next gen console that I currently own.

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I need to make more gamer friends IRL for local coop :P

I guess I can try convincing my wife to play.....  that or wait for my now 4 month old son to be older! God I can't wait to game with him! :)

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Riddler said:

the games garbage"

Glad you were able to contribute to this conversation!
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Man, I loved this game. I think this was my first RPG video game I ever played.

I recall walking into my friends room and he was writting down EVERYTHING every NPC was saying lol. I asked him what the hell he was doing and then he proceeded to explain.  So I sat down and helped him play this game for the next 72 hours straight I think rofl.

Good times, good times!

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I still recall laughing my ass off when I was younger and I first saw my character eating a person in this game lol

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Sounds promising!

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I played this when I was young so I spent countless hours trying to figure out simple things.

It's quite amazing because I did not really know what I was fully doing at that age.  I must have spent an hour clicking around and trying to figure out how to get into the mansion. Then I finally clicked on the doormat and found the key underneath it! I was so encouraged that I managed to beat the game in the MONTHS to come. Seriously, I spent months playing this game! Not nonstop but man I dedicated some hours to this!

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To be honest, I am forcing myself to complete the missions right now. I sort of wonder if they spent too much time going for realism and did not put enough effort into making fun gameplay.  The missions are VERY repetitive. Chase this person with Vehicule type " ___ ".  They could have done so much more in the uniquness of missions.  I think that their next installement should concentrate more on unique, fun and memorable missions.

I understand that some missions will repeat and be similar but this is where you need to use your imagination and let it run wild. Sometimes what sounds like the dumbest idea for a mission turns out to be the most fun.