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Xbox 360

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What bothers me is that I am a busy guy that loves video games. So I only purchase games as I beat them and go on. I have a huge back catalogue of games I still want to play. If I can find the game "new" but reduced in price I buy that first since it is not a used game and they at least see a bit of money from the sale. Failing to find a game I want in the reduced bin (but new) I search hock shops to at least support my local businesses :P and then the faceless corporation of EB games is where I go for a last ditch effort. It is a very sticky situation indeed. I find the best solution for me would be to have every game available as a digital download. So that when I find time to play the game at least the right people will be getting my money. It is one heck of a pickle they have in the gaming industry. Granted, the movie industry has a used movies market as do they handle things?

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Does this game work with normal controllers as well?

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So I purchased NHL 13 and in the use your own music tutorial it tells me to go to I spent what feels like 7 years searching for "helpful information" on and all they want to do is make me pay to use their music service. Would anyone be able to either in plain text explain to me how to get this done? I checked youtube as well but the videos show how to do it in one of the 900 older versions of the dashboard. TIA!

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I'm a little late to the party but I would be game to join. Send me an invite Xdups

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And here I thought I had a good topic .... sad face

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What are some of your favorite official video games/trailers/teasers that contain real world music?

I thought of three off the top of my head.

1. The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

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2. Crystal Method - Name of the game

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3. Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

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Thanks to you and google I now know about SOPA. ARGH!!!! as well

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Take advantage of the situation and buy all the things girls scoff at. This way when you meet the next girl you already have the items and won't need to convince her of why you need them! Take it from a married man lol :P

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I love you all! Ok maybe not all... most of you... some.... a few.. hmmmmm