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Yes only this game.

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So I have a friend that I am unable to join when he is playing horde and there is an opening. It always gives me this error. We both have open NATs and this only happens when he is playng with some random people and an opening comes up. I can host horde matches and so can he. What's the deal?

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@Axxol said:

The weapons you spawn with aren't crappy. It sounds like you're the problem.

That's why I said I suck

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Thanks for the tips!!

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@YukoAsho said:

I hate competitive multiplayer and I still <3 Gears of War (the whole series, not just 3). 3 in particular goes out of its way to be compelling to people like us who don't give two shits about competitive multiplayer, with 5-player co-op Horde and Beast mode and 4-player co-op. Even the VS stuff can be done in a Co-op fashion by inviting four other people to your lobby and just fuckin' around killin' bots and having fun.

Epic should be rewarded for going out of its way to make multiplayer for the rest of us.

Yeah I agree. I will read a few guides and familiarize myself with the multiplayer maps. See if I can kill the god like players that I am currently playing against. Otherwise.. fuck it :)

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@Afroman269 said:

Sounds like you need this.

I heart you :P

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So I almost did not purchase this game because I hate the concept of the multiplayer. I hate the concept of having a just a few special weapons because I basicly run for them everytime and get their first maybe 1 out of ever uhh we'll say 73 tries. The rest of the game is me just spawn and going ppeeeww peeeeww with my crappy ass starting weapons and getting raped by the special weapons.

So, thank god for Horde mode!! Anyhow, does anyone have some simple ass tips for me? Is there a way I can setup multiplayer 1 vs 1 with a friend or something so I can find out where the special weapons are? Failing that I guess there would be youtube.

Seriously though , I fucking suck at multiplayer and I usually don't. I just can't wrap my head around it. Should I even zoom in when using the shotgun? It seems when people blow me to fucking smitherines it happens in the blink of an eye were I assume they are not zooming in and just getting used to where to aim when shooting from the hip.

So yeah, any tips and jabs at me sucking are welcome... as long as it helps me get at least .. uhh 2 kills per round. I'll start off with that...because as much I enjoy watching other people play with special weapons and have fun.. I would like to be a part of that as well...

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Wow, usually it's off but this time .. uncanny!

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I am so proud of what this has become lol

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So I guess each and every deal they have will vary? I mean I am interested in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports – Canada I can't see them streaming a live hockey game? I guess we will have to wait and see what every deal consists of?