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I gifted the game to you. Now it's your turn to gift a game to me. :P

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Maybe he still hasn't made up his mind! :P
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I don't know how opposed you are to this but you could always download a torrent of Gears on PC. See if there are a lot of people online. If so, go out and buy the game.
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@PeasForFees said:

@BleedingStarX: It's the economy, and the new experience. You are the Controller, now you are the Console, Make noises like Whirr, k-chunk and beep to get immersed in the new Xbox experience.

Seriously though, Try and get a replacement or support from Microsoft/Retailer.

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I'm a little over 20k but I have a 3 year old son. So as soon as I can turn him into a gamer I'll have him farm the boring achievements for me lol I am kidding people ... well ... sorta :P
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I noticed they have the 3DTV setup option in Gears of War 3. I have a 3DTV but no glasses. (yet) 
So has anyone actually set this up? Is this game actually in 3D? If so how was your 3D experience?
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So over the summer I got a great deal on a TV and it just happens to be 3D. I didn't bother doing anything with 3D yet but I just baught Gears of War 3 and I saw a 3DTV option and just heard about Halo Anniversary having some 3D aspect as well. 
So I figured I might as well get a pair of glasses to experience this 3D.  
I need active glasses and I noticed that they have rechargeable glasses and non rechargable glasses. Obviously the rechargeable ones are more expensive and I was wondering if the price justifies itself. Does anyone know the average life line of non rechargable glasses? How much the batteries to replace them manually cost? Has anyone had good or bad experiences with different brands of glasses? 
I am reading up on them online but there isn't a ton of information seeing how it's still a newer technology and kinda niche at the moment. 
Any help is appreciated.
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Thank you guys SO very much. I've downloaded each suggestion and they all been pretty damn good. Thanks a million!!!

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Thank you very much for the suggestions guys. I am the type of guy that will laugh at any humor, crude or not :)

I've listened to Louis Ck, Daniel Tosh etc

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Fantastic help guys. I will have to remember these great lines while on the line tomorrow.......