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Ok, so I am on strike right now :( Grrrrr. Anyhow, this means tons of walking around in a circle bored out of my skull. So to pass some time I have been downloading some stand-up comics. Does anyone have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

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Thank you very much for all the suggestions! I think I might end up going Vanguard. And yes I will ignore the fool that suggested playing the second game first. 
I already have ME2 purchased.
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So instead of playing the same ol same ol soldier class that I always do I wanted to try something new for this game. 
I was thinking of playing as a vanguard, but I dont really have a preference. The only thing is that this game will log tons of hours for me and I plan on playing it on the hardest difficulty (1st run). Did anyone play something other than soldier? If so which class did you play? Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again? Tips on the class you played? Also, I am a seasoned gamer so I do like a challenge even that means grinding something so I can move on. 
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It's also great for people like me that missed an entire generation due to only playing an MMO instead of any console games. I can now buy the collection and experience it.
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Not sure about this gen but I loved Dragon Warrior series on NES, Shinning Force series on Genesis (ok fine snes also ... i think) , Everquest? lol
There's A LOT wrong with this post. Anybody want to help me point it all out?
Well, Shining Force is an SRPG with zero dungeon crawling. Everquest is an MMO. The NES entries of Dragon Quest feature a good amount of dungeon crawling and by today's standards, the world maps would probably be considered dungeons in and of themselves so they qualify in my view (which is why I suggested DQ8).
Oh, so close. You forgot one detail: Shining Force never came to the SNES. You could have won $12 million, you know.

Your e-penis has grown. Congratulations... I guess
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It used to be Blue Dragon. For some reason I spent 50ish hours on the game and then didn't finish it. Until recently, I thought I was getting gamerpoints for finishing it... I didn't ... so I wept :P
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Not sure about this gen but I loved Dragon Warrior series on NES, Shinning Force series on Genesis (ok fine snes also ... i think) , Everquest? lol
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I would say throw all your games away and get him into physical activities like sports and martial arts. Allow the games to come later so he isn't a lazy ass like many of us.

Luckily I already only play games during rainy days or at night. I much rather do physical activities with him as well. This is more for the downtime.  
Thanks for the suggestions everyone :)
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My son turned 3 in April and he has taken an interest in watching me play video games. I assume he will be wanting to play soon. So I was wondering if anyone else has some tips on which games would be fun for him to start playing? I found my old NES and will probably have him try Super Mario Bros 1 seeing how the controller is smaller and would fit in his hands. However, I wouldn't mind finding a couple of simple fun xbox 360 games. That's all I have for now.
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This thread is not great. Almost all the people will answer that they use it to watch DVDs, Blurays and/or video streaming, e.g. Netflix or just use it for games. Since there are only about 4-5 possible answers, this probably should have been a poll instead.

While you are entitled to your opinion. The reason I did not make it a poll was so that the answers were not limited. Yes for the most part the answers will repeat themselves. The entire reason for this post was to see how many people actually use all the bells and whistles Sony, Microsoft and to some extent Nintendo put out on our consoles that is not gaming related.