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Which non gaming functions do you use on your console? I was curious to see what people used their consoles for other than play games.
On my xbox 360 I use the video viewer to watch shows I missed and downloaded. I should be getting netflix soon and I rented a movie once. 
How about you guys?
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@JJOR64 said:
Nintendo Ryu.

That's the joke I was going for... which character do you want to play .... Asian responds ... WiiU .... mmm hmmm
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That is disappointing to hear. I wonder why it is currently limited to one and if they will be able to make it so that more than one can be implemented later on....
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I was watching someone's Mirror's Edge user video and I was thinking to myself. If they made a Mirror's Edge that involved 3D as well as improvments to the first game, it would have a lot of potential to use 3D in a meaningful fashion.



I am not super excited about 3D gaming but I could see it working for this type of game...

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*takes out his cane* I am thinking this game my be for people that have been gaming a long time.  A hard game nowadays is not hard. Go play some old original NES game. Hell we used to play broken games.


Anyhow, yes there are some mobs that are really hard UNTIL you find the easy/effective way of beating it. Don't just give up if it is hard, read up on how to beat the boss and then enjoy the rest of the game. You might have to get out of your comfort zone and use a different strategy than the COM+RAV+RAV, then RAV+RAV+RAV ... stagger ... celebrate!

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@FireBurger said:
"Left 4 Dead 2 
Portal 2
Rock Band
Gears of War 2 
Resident Evil 5
You Don't Know Jack (not coop, but a good time nonetheless)

I'll also point you to this: 


Thanks for the link. I had seen that list but was wondering who had some personal experience with those games :)



Also, I am talking about Xbox 360 games .... for now ;)

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Which mode?

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My friend and I are starting a weekly gaming night. Does anyone have some suggestions on some good local coop games we could play? Or good games to try and beat where we each take a turn?


Other than CoD and Halo series and sports games seeing how those I am already aware of....



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So which game do you or did you play where you found yourself saying "one more"

I thought of this topic today when I was killing time on my lunch playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook .. yeah I know but hey I am a "gotta beat my friend's highscore" type of guy (btw - mission accomplished.. Take that Gil) Anyhow, and I got to thinking of which other games I find myself saying one more.

I found this to be true when playing any Halo Matchmaking with friends in a party when one guy says "ok guys.. .kinda getting late and everyone jokingly says "ahh come on.. one more!!!" and about 7 matches later....

Quake 3 arena had that affect on me. You end up 1st place... one more, I'm on a roll. You finish dead last, well shit.. I can't end my gaming session on a low... one more! I had to get a mediocre not happy but not angry score to stop playing lol
Geometry Wars 2 - I am still playing this game daily. I am trying to get the best score worldwide for Pacifism ,current ranked mid 50th. I know I could reach at least top ten. I just need that one awesome round! So I often find myself trying... one more time to get the top score!

So, what's your "one more" game? :)