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So I was going through pics my parents have and found this gem of myself. I am 30 years old now and I have no idea how old I was in the picture but that is a joystick for my Commodore 64 :)  Just look at the concentration on that face , the pimping brown gamer chair, lol
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OK so here is my current build. My intentions were to make a spy/theif type player. I choose an Argonian in hopes to be able to explore underwater places. 
Race: Argonian 
Birthsign": The Shadow 
Class: Spy 
Level 1 
Health 60 
Magicka 60 
Fatigue 155 
Strength 40 
Intelligence 40 
Willpower 30 
Agility 55 
Speed 50 
Endurance 30 
Personality 30 
Luck 55 
Major skills 

Minor Skills 
Hand to hand

Heavy Armor 
Light Armor 


So ... is this a horrible build? Should I just start over? For now I am going to just go and explore before going back to the oblivion gate. 

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Playing it on the 360. 
I think I might just ignore the main storyline for now and wander around and just explore and have fun.

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Thanks for the answers especially the tired of this topic responses. I'll have to make sure to create the same topic next week just written differently :P I guess I haven't used the forums as much as 3000+ post users to know which topics are repeated!
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I was curious to know how you came to find out about Giantbomb. This site is not your standard big faceless coorperate website and I was wondering how you heard of Giantbomb?

For me... I used to go to Gamespot during it's prime and when Jeff  ummm .. we'll say left the company :) I was curious to see what he would do. I eventually heard about his plans for making this site and then when I heard of Ryan, Vinny and Brad being on board I knew this would be a great site. When I heard it was a wiki type of site I was super excited because of the potential of thousands of people adding information about games because they have a love for it! 
Anyhow, I consider this site to be for people that have been gaming a long time or just love games in general with a very minimal amount of fanboyism. 
So, how did you hear about this site and what keeps you here?

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wow!! Ok I got a lot more responses than I was expecting. 
First thing, if I eventually have to I will bring down the slider bar down some but right now it is in the default diffculty (so in the middle). I do not want to have to bring it down. I am thinking maybe I built a horrible character. It seems like I might have to read up on hwo to build a good Oblivion character before playing this game. I'm a skilled video game player and have around 25 years of gaming experience so when I was dying as much as I was I knew "I was doing something wrong" 

What through me off is that I heard/read that as you level up the monsters do as well. So I thought to myself, well it would be moot to just grind levels. So I am thinking my character just might be a crappy build because I choose my settings for my character without too much consideration because usually RPG games make you choose stuff like that but it doesn't have as huge an impact as you would think. Obviously not the case for Oblivion lol 
So, I think I shall reset my character and as for suggestions on a good character build or even if someone can point me to a site that has a good guide on building a character for Oblivion. 

So suggestions for a good build for a .. 
1. Warrior type 
2. Spell Caster 
3. Long Range character 
If someone can hook me up with suggestions for that it would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance! 
P.S I do eventually plan on playing Fallout 3.

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Seriously, I must have died 179.43 times in less than 4 hours!!! I can't block worth shit These fire elf things are raping me.  It takes like 20 hits to kill them. I dont know if I even leveled up yet, I dont know if I am in an area way above my level? I just went in the first oblivion gate and now I am getting raped/. I really want to enjoy this game but I  
have seen the "you died a f*cking gain ... what do you want to do now screen" more than the game itself. 
I'll really appreciate any advice!
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I'd be interested to review games up to back in the atari days. My son is 2 years old right now and I plan on going back and playing tons of old games with him and perhaps even reviewing them as I or he plays them. I might even ask him to review it as he plays them to have a kids perceptive on games :)

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I'm in dire need of followers. Not only that .. I am a great guy that has been gaming for over 25 years :)

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Thanks for the suggestions!