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@mnzy: Ok, thanks. I hadn't heard about this redesign, so that really was a slap to the face from nowhere to me. Ah well, I guess I'll take a look when the next gen is out and see if it's back.

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So, where are my achievements? Because if that's gone, then so am I.

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Online will probably ruin this for me.

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All of them? these are the only ones I've seen so far. I can understand the BlazBlue DLC ones though, because that DLC is completely ****ed up.

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First, I use Firefox version 3.6.13, and Windows 7 professional 64-bit.
The first glitch: The achievement "Overachiever" in Super Street Fighter IV is worth 0 GS; not 10 GS:
 I have this achievement, and my achievement list says I have 1010/1000 GS in the game, which gives me an A rank isntead of an S rank for some reason.
The second glitch is in the BlazBlue Continuum Shift achievement list. I have all the achievement except for the three that are glitched. If you check my list, you can see the three I don't have.
 However, when I check these, two of them haven't been unlocked by anyone. But the third one has been completed by 7.4% of the users, seen here:
  The weird thing is, I've looked at some of those people on and their 360 profiles on, and some of them doesn't even have the game. Others have the game, but not the achievement in question.

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I want to say bananas, but bananas aren't fruit. So I'll say pears.

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Nope. I'm not here for quick looks, and I hate poker. But I guess I'll look at it then?
EDIT: Well, there we are. Thanks a bunch.

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Nope, I have absolutely no idea what this is about. Clues please.

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@papercut:  Absolutely nothing.
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I'm just worried that the same thing will happen the 24th. We celebrate christmas on the 24th here in Sweden, so I don't want to sit by the computer and wait for it to pop up...

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