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I'm celebrating Jeffday by falling face first into a pile of cow poo, and maybe getting a shotgun drawn on me in a menacing way.

I suppose there's no real other way a shotgun can be drawn on you, but hey.

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I don't get nearly enough sleep.

I have coffee twice a day: When I get to work, and when I get home from work. It's either that or be grumpy/doze off. I can feel it affecting me.

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I think he's being serious, and I think a lot of people aren't as familiar with Kaufman's work as they think they are. And stop doing the "Grow up" thing. People shouldn't have to deal with the mountain of hatred, mockery and vitriol, just because THE INTERNET IS STREETS.

Also FEZ is pretty much Taxi and Gomez is Latka. Think about it.

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I used to have a pair of shoes that I wore only for my house. Never took them outside. I treated them like slippers with laces.

But that was like 20 years ago and I was dumb as a box of rocks. Nowadays I lament the fact that it's frowned upon when I take my shoes off at work. Probably so because of all of the coffee and tea I've spilled, and people are noting that my socks become soot-black rather quickly.

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I don't hate, the entire genre is just completely and totally irrelevant to my interests.

I absolutely get why people would play it, and I enjoy watching others -- I had a roommate that pretty much spent most of his non-working time stoned off his gourd and playing League of Legends. But through that I can tell the genre has no appeal to me whatsoever.

Sidenote: Watching a dude vacillate between grinning/chuckling stoner and caustic angry MOBA player is disturbing. Entertaining, but disturbing.

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No, I have grossdisgusting Hobbit feet and socks tend to cause the hair to bend/pull in ways I do not enjoy.


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I've only really felt the need to have one new console. It's why I've never really got around to getting a PS3 -- I have a 360 (had a Wii, but shenannigans...) and with my PS2, N64 and SNES hooked up, I have so many games available to play on my TeeV, there's not too much of an impetus for me to get it.

I plan to get a PS4 at some point in the next generation, and everyone keeps falling back on the "U WIL GET BOUF A DEM AVENTYALLY" mantra. I doubt it! There are so many things that entice me about the PS3, and I have no intention on spending any amount of money to get one.

Also, I'm cheap as shit, so there's that. My desire to look at my back account happily far surpasses my love of video games. But if I can do both? Heaven on Earth.

Well even with my millions of dollars, my gold house, and my rocket car I think I should probably only buy one. How else am I going to afford an ivory back scratcher if I waste money?

Use your money to go on an illegal safari and hunt elephants for their ivory tusks and make your own backscratcher. Probably cheaper in the long run! That's certainly not a waste! In fact, you can probably make your money back by smuggling drugs. WIN-WIN!

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I own a 2010 Civic.

No joke, I would totally drive The Homer.

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If I pick racism, do I need to hiccup more to balance?

Likewise, if I pick hiccuping, do I need to dump my girlfriend?