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    Flea Marketing for games. Soon...
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    Enough Nintendo stuff to get 600 coins on the dot. Free DKC Returns 3D!! Thanks God. Oh and... you too, Nintendo. :-P
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    In love with Dreamcast VGA adaptor. *buys flowers*
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    How dare you not like the exact same games that I do. Also, Patrick seemed like the guy that I could trust to not let bias get in the way of giving a seemingly odd game a chance. It's people of that...

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    Not a single one of these will ever see an official localization for the consoles I mention, but here goes.Dragon Quest VII (3DS)Seiken Densetsu 3 (Super Famicom for Virtual Console?)Mother 3 (GBA for...

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    Bromine makes finding SNES consoles bothersome.
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    Got a Spiritomb Pokemon. What was once easy, is now annoying due to online functionality being disabled.
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    This is an excellent list. I would buy a Wii U right now, if such a Smash Bros. game was released.Two other Nintendo characters came to mind:Mike Jones (Star Tropics)Mica, Princess of Argonia (Star ...

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    Caved an purchased a 3DS XL. Will buy the "New 3DS" when there is more for it.
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    Tempted to buy a 3DS, but will wait for the new model and support the "Osbourne Effect".
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    Disappointed regarding all the aspects to consider when capturing & leveling Pokemon now. Bothersome grinding...
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