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Primarily, I play side-scrollers, RPGs and the occasional FPS, 2D fighter or beat 'em up; however, I like most game genres. Some of my fondest memories have been on the DOS/Windows PC, playing the King's Quest, Space Quest, and Wing Commander series, but I adore the NES, SNES, and Genesis/Sega CD as well. Recently, I've come to love the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast also. I had an equal appreciation for both Nintendo & Sega products, but I suppose Sega's withdrawal from the console market has caused me to focus more on them lately.

Collecting games is a minor hobby of mine, but I only purchase titles which I have an interest in playing. While many of the older titles I possess are still well-preserved, with their box and included contents, I don't collect for the sake of monetary value or historic preservation, merely pleasure. This being the case, I am perfectly fine with purchasing the occasional title from on-line services such as GOG, PSN or Steam. (Especially GOG, since they are DRM free.)

Generally I am not in favor of DRM, but entirely understand the want of companies to protect their hard work from pirates. (Not that it works much.) As such, I will purchase titles with minor DRM from time to time, but refuse to buy games with over-the-top protection schemes, such as those with the newer "internet connection required to play" titles like Silent Hunter V from Ubisoft. I use Steam, but I do wish Valve would remove the DRM from third party titles, as Steam itself is essentially DRM.

I find blind fanboyism and electronic "racism" to be disgusting. While I may not own a 360 or Mac, I know from experience that they have many fine qualities. Why let bias towards a system prevent you from enjoying or at least appreciating, the games and subtle nuances of another platform? Do everyone a favor and be a real gamer: Don't let system bias turn you into a jerk, or prevent you from enjoying games. Nobody likes grammar nazis, nitpickers OR elitist fanboys.