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@oueddy said:

However you do have a MOO2 avatar so all is forgiven.

Good thing you're not LeChuck or I doubt I would have received forgiveness.

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Going by the games listed above, you certainly seem to enjoy playing RPGs with less-defined, customizable characters. (Which does not mean you don't appreciate more defined, story integrated characters, of course.)

It's so wonderful to see that Wizardry 8 was released on in the time since you made your entry for it on this list. Now we need them to get the early X-COM games as well!

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@fisk0: That actually looks quite fun. I grew up with graphics like that or worse, so it's not so bad from my point of view. Thanks ever so much for sharing! If I ever get around to playing it, I shall try to remember your post and tell you how I liked it.

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I can hardly wait till we can delete these 2014 lists.

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How dare you not like the exact same games that I do.

Also, Patrick seemed like the guy that I could trust to not let bias get in the way of giving a seemingly odd game a chance. It's people of that sort, which help expose games that would have been otherwise missed. You were a superb staff member Patrick and I am quite sorry to hear that you are leaving.

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@geraltitude said:

. :-)

hahaha. Mr. Data... ENGAGE!

*cue theme song*

Thanks for the well wishes. Just ordered Grandia online, will wait until I have some money and get Arcadia. Any thoughts about GameCube vs. Dreamcast for that game?

I have owned both in the past and I would say that the GameCube version is a bit better, but not so much that it makes the Dreamcast version noticeably worse. Basically:


  • Slightly better graphics. (Mainly the hands of the characters.)
  • Faster load times.
  • Less random encounters with more xp to compensate.
  • Extra storyline regarding the white-haired "Piastol".
  • Doctor/Little girl added. (Has to do with collecting moonfish.)
  • 1 disc instead of the 2 that the DC version uses.
  • Occasional slowdown in DC version is reduced.
  • Includes all 3 DLC from the DC.
  • 24 new discoveries. (Earn extra money.)
  • Wanted List of people to track down.


  • Higher quality music. (2 discs vs the 1 for the GameCube.)
  • VGA compatible, which means it looks great on an HDTV if you have a DC VGA box/connector. Running in this mode makes it look noticeably better than the GameCube version. (480p VGA is much nicer than 480i composite or S-Video.)
  • Exclusive Pinta's Quest VMU mini game is available.
  • The VMU helps you find chams vs the GameCube displaying a warning in a corner.
  • 3 DLC available, but the servers are long gone, so you have to burn a homebrew CD, find them amongst all the save files, and then copy them to a DC VMU.

I've probably forgotten some stuff, but that's about it.

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@mento said:

Probably a bad idea to have this many games on the run, but then I've been meaning to finish a few of these too. I've had an incomplete DQIX run since 2011.

That would most certainly be a bad idea. No worries, as I generally only play the top 2 entries and the rest move up the list as I complete games.

I have such a bad habit of starting a game, making good progress, even sometimes reaching the end, and then neglecting to finish them. I have gotten better over the years, and from what I read, others have this problem too. Too many games, too little time, and too many responsibilities/tasks in life.

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@geraltitude said:

Gods damn it I am trying so hard to find a copy of Skies of Arcadia. That and Grandia II are no where to be found in this city.

Also playing Lords of Shadow currently.

Some of Patrick Stewart's finest work..

Good games are very hard to find in my city as well. (Size of about 80k.) I almost always have to resort to on-line purchasing. I have seen both of those games in-town, but only once. (Of course after I went to eBay to get them.) May you have success in your search.

Lords of Shadow, I played a while after it was released, and made it a good part through the game, only to get distracted by other things. I thought that Patrick Stewart was quite "engaging". (Sorry, bad Star Trek joke.) Seriously, though. He's always good. :-)