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PC would be the most played, followed by the PS3. Yet, this is only because you are not including older generation systems. If you had, the Sega Genesis & Dreamcast would be contenders for first place.

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I rather enjoyed "Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom".

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Mario games are truly great, but to be honest I'm simply tired of Mario. It's a shame, but what can I do, but wait it out if I'm bored of a character or franchise?

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I won't comment on systems that I've never owned or played more than 1 minute on, so Virtual Boy is out. From the systems that I personally owned, I would choose the Atari Lynx (Model 2) followed by the Game Gear. Those two had next to no games that interested me, and seemed too primitive by the time they saw release. (I was busy with Genesis/SNES & DOS games at the time.) Battery life is of little consequence to me, given that I tended to use battery packs or simply play around the house. (I can barely make out what's on a screen in sunlight anyways.) Having said this, I actually didn't mind those two portable systems that much.

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If people are living fine with 1080p on small 15" laptop screens, I don't see why 1080p would be bad on a 32" TV. It's never been an issue with my 32" 1080p HDTV, but I got mine 4 years ago when 1080p was more common on those screen sizes.

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Honestly, the RROD fiasco is one of the darkest blemishes in gaming, period. That MS got away with it amazes me to this day.

I have to agree. Microsoft just throws money at problems and lets their customers suffer until enough pressure mounts. Their own engineers knew about the RROD issues and they still chose to launch. Not that the other guys are perfect (YouTube channel closures, "Other OS" removal, etc...), but Microsoft certainly has a shady history that goes all the way back to their days with MS-DOS. (Stacker software incident, etc...) Having said this, I think the 360 slim is pretty nice whenever I get the chance to play on one.

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Damn it. For a second I thought Kotick was leaving. :(

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KoF 98 Ultimate Match & KoF XIII are still working fine. I'll pass, unless they beat the odds and do a great job.

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He was the nicest and most enjoyable to listen to of the group. I have an upcoming marriage and would be devastated if my lady died. My condolences to the wife of Ryan. This is incredibly sad news and terribly unfair... :-(