Damned Blessed

Games that people tried to warn me away from, and I ended up liking anyway. (That's Bless-ED by the way.)

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

IS there a Phantasy Star canon? :) As far as I could gather, it's the Palman escapees trying to find a new home, which totally fits... It may even fit directly into PSO later on, although that might be a stretch.

KOTOR2 did have some good aspects, mainly on mechanical improvements, though I had the XBox version, so I never benefited from a patch.

I think I like Last Battle more than most, just because it was *different* than most of the stuff out there.

Posted by Doppelgamer

That's a good point regarding Phantasy Star and canon. I have no idea about any official canon, but I do know that they tend to ignore Phantasy Star III for the most part. Still, in Phantasy Star IV we saw evidence that ships made for a long range exodus did exist. (The crashed wreckage.) So we know they were out there. I love your idea that they might explain PSO. As for the presence of Numan/Newman's in PSO, there might have been additional Rika-style experiments going on, or the computer in PS4 might have transmitted "her" findings to any counterparts.

Posted by Brackynews

@Doppelgamer: @ahoodedfigure: There is really nothing un-canon about PSIII, the main issue is that English and Japanese canon are actually different in some aspects due to translation. It's fine to choose what you like best about the series, but anyone so reductive as to write off PSIII simply because it doesn't take place in Algol is silly. There's a twist that ties it all back together for anyone crazy enough to make the leap.

Without PSIII we would have no PSO. That's the only reason PSO gets to exist in the Phantasy universe. *stamps foot* ;)