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91346 Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Game Overview Joe & Mac is an arcade game that was brought to the SNES, Genesis & other systems. This being the case, I figure the main description should not make it appear that it is primarily a SNES game. 03/04/14 05:46AM 2 Approved
72537 Hudson Entertainment, Inc. Company Overview Removed a near duplicate paragraph, leaving the more detailed one. 12/01/13 02:04AM 10 Approved
42103 Genesis Platform Overview Not all model 2 Genesis consoles had the same quality of sound, as Sega later upgraded motherboards in these units. (See link to article on various revisions. For quick location via CTRL-F, copy and paste the following: A further revised sound circuit on these motherboards produces sound almost as good as a Genesis Model 1 that's got a VA2 to VA6.8 motherboard, but more muffled. The volume balance problems have been fixed on these motherboards. 07/10/13 01:17AM 6 Approved
42100 Genesis Platform Overview Description at top read "slightly underpowered". The Sega Genesis was not slightly underpowered at the time of release. The phrase almost sounds like someone's opinion, rather than facts. 07/10/13 01:01AM 3 Approved
34514 Tales of Symphonia Game Overview The write-up for the character "Raine Sage" was not formatted the same way as the other characters. (Needed bolding, font size change & a line break inserted.) 06/06/13 07:51PM 1 Approved
18071 Rolling Thunder 2 Game Overview Corrected a spelling mistake (predecessor) and changed the final sentence to more clearly state the two player arrangement. It previously made it sound like the first play had to be the female agent in a two player game and the second player the male agent. This is incorrect, and I have edited the wording to be more accurate. 03/30/13 10:42AM 1 Approved