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I've even tried gifting myself an upgrade haha ...

@rorie can you grep the error logs for me? lol

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sure, here's what it looks like

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@rorie I'm on a mac... tried paying on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

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I'm trying to pay with a credit card (to upgrade subscription to premium), but keep getting "Unknown ()"

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all these comments... i can't );

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Wow this is truly saddening. RIP Ryan Davis!

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yes, i was about to report this also... this happens when there is any type of swf file on a page... does get quite annoying cuz yu have to click it everytime... also happens on safari also

kinda same as Lies, im on:

Macbook Pro
Mac OSX Leopard
Most recent Firefox
Most recent Safari

been a week since Lies posted this, any update from the developers?