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That Suicide Squad animated film that came to DVD a little while ago seemed like it was directly aimed at teenagers. It had little to say other than "HEY GUYS DO YOU LIKE SEMI-NUDE HOT CHICKS, SWEAR WORDS, AND EXPLOSIONS? WE HAVE SO MANY OF THOSE!!!" Somehow I get the feeling this movie is aiming itself at the same audience, and that audience would probably think those tattoos are pretty cool.

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Yeah, that game looks pretty rad. Eager to see how it turns out in the end.

Got a weird Star Ocean 4 vibe from it, somehow.

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I watched most of this stream and really enjoyed it. I especially liked it when Drew read out my silly bit about Alex, but I think that's a sign that I am a sad creature that needs attention to feel validated.

I downloaded HotS last night and ran through the tutorial this morning. It seems really cool, and way less daunting than other MOBAs (though I've never actually tried one) but it still doesn't seem like the sort of thing I'd sink any real time into.

Anyway, I guess it's time to start workshopping names for a potential Heroes-based Premium feature?

The Daily HotS?
HerDrews of the Storm?
HoTs to TroTs?

I am sorry.

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I recently decided I was going to go through all three Jak games - loved all three of them when they were new. Got 100% again in Jak & Daxter, and I started running through Jak 2... until I got to the part where you have to throw bombs into pipes while doing hoverboard tricks, and now I don't think I like Jak 2 anymore. I don't know how younger me ever finished that mission.

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I saw they were putting that out in Europe! Hope they do that in North America as well.

As to the gamepad stuff, I think, when they announced Wii games coming to the eShop, they said that any game that supported the classic controller would be playable with the gamepad's buttons. If that's possible, I really don't understand why they can't make that possible with Wii games played from the disc drive - when you boot a digital Wii game, it seems to shove the system into Wii mode all the same.

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While we're adapting trippy fantasy comics, let's give Neil Gaiman's Sandman a go. Let the main character be Dream's raven, Matthew. Hijinks will ensue, I'm quite sure.

@splodge said:

Father Ted

"I'm quite sure I'll not have a cup of tea, thanks."
Mrs Doyle will remember that.

Anyway, I doubt Ardal O'Hanlon is doing anything these days, so I'm sure he'd be happy to cash a paycheck reprise his role as Father Dougal.

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@cirdain: Took me a minute. Then laughter happened. Also, I agree.

Yeah, I dunno. That movie looks weird and I bet it won't be good. I still have to see it, though.

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Parker being 15 by the time the first new Spider-Man movie hits will also answer an important question: if Spider-Man exists in this universe, where was he during the Battle of New York?

Well, he was ten years old. He was in a house in Queens learning to respect his aunt and uncle.

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Something I've only ever heard on this site, and mostly from Brad and Jeff, "I'll be curious to see..."

You will be curious to see? You're not now? You are predicting that your curiosity will peak later? WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

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I downloaded the game yesterday afternoon and have since seen nothing about an update, and didn't have the problem you describe. I wonder if, by the time the patch was finished, they pulled the download and replaced it with the patched version?