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Honestly, this is probably a pretty good week to launch a game on WiiU. You can be relatively certain that Smash's release will sell hardware, or cause owners of the system to turn the thing on for yhe first time in a while. So eyes will be on the eShop or the Nintendo section at Wal-Mart/Gamestop/whatever.

And regardless of the game's successes or failings as a GTA-alike, its only peer on the system is LEGO City Undercover, so people who don't have an Xbox or a Playstation could well be itching for that sort of game.

Plus you have Christmas shoppers who are looking for WiiU games and thinking,  "Watch Dogs? I've heard of that! I bet Billy will like it!"

I doubt the game will be a multi-million seller and it certainly won't change Ubi-Soft's mind about publishing on the WiiU, but I bet it does okay. But these are the opinions of a man who knows precisely jack about business, so I dunno.

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It's 40 cents.

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I would love to see Pokemon with Kinect features.

  • You say the name of the Pokemon and then "I choose you!" while throwing you hand forward
  • Once your Pokemon is out on the field you just say their name and the name of the attack

You know, when the features of the DS were first outlined, one of my first thoughts about its potential functionality was that the microphone could be used to issue commands to pokemon. I'm baffled that this hasn't been implemented yet.

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Resident Evil Outbreak! This occured to me at work today. I want another one of those.

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I am so glad this thread exists because it gives me a chance to whip out my favorite quote: "He Who Would Pun Would Pick a Pocket." It's finally contextually appropriate, and on at least two levels!

This is my contribution to the Giant Bomb community today. I feel good about that.

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@csl316: Man, a new version of classic Blood Omen would be pretty sweet. Other than that free-to-play PVP thing, I wonder if Square-Enix has any intentions of doing anything at all with the Legacy of Kain universe.

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If the game is fun, I don't much care. I enjoyed the new game well enough that I would not be opposed to seeing its story continue.

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Call me crazy, but ever since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 came out, I've always wanted a similar game set in the FF8 universe. Despite its myriad flaws, 8 is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time and I'd love to see more of that stupid, stupid world they made.

I'd also like to see a new Castlevania game in the style of Symphony of the Night (and so would a few million others, I imagine). That kind of game with graphics on a level with Rayman Legends? Would be divine.

@acidbrandon18: Did you feel that the fanservice stuff was overdone in the PE games? Other than her tearaway pants in the PSP game, I never really felt that way myself. Even the shower scene in the second game felt appropriate in its time and place. For the most part Aya seemed pretty close to today's ideal female character - strong-willed, capable, and not tarted up for the sake of pandering to teenage boys. But then it's been a long time, so maybe time has dulled my memories.

Either way, I totally agree that it would be great if Square revisited this series, though I'd definitely prefer to see a new game in the story rather than a remake or a reboot.

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In open-world games, I enjoy it. For a while. I'll do it 'till I get bored and then ignore it. In cartoony platformers, I cherish it. It's why I showed up to the party.

In linear games, such as your Bioshocks or your Lasts of Ussesses, they can be annoying. Especially if there are AI characters trying to shepherd me along a specific path. Searching every last corner of an abandoned office for loot feels somehow dumber when Ellie is waiting for me to move on.

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I imagine that's exactly what it's meant to be, but probably not specifically aimed at refining gameplay in Watch Dogs. I obviously speak from a position of ignorance regarding the development process, but I feel like Watch Dogs was probably too far along in its development to benefit from data pulled from Black Flag's ratings. More likely, in my opinion, the rating system will help shape future Creed games.