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I have really fond memories of the game, having beaten it back when it was new! I don't disagree with most of the complaints people have about it, however, and it's unique in that it's the only Zelda game I've never had a strong urge to replay.

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Pokemon Red!


I've probably put more time into that one game than I have into any other. I've beaten it top to bottom multiple times, caught 'em all, seen it all, done it all. As referenced in another thread, I used to hear the music long after I turned my Game Boy off. My mother hated how often she suddenly needed to buy new AA batteries. It was bad!

Nothing has quite hooked me the way that game did back in the 90's. Oblivion and Skyrim came close, and Metal Gear Solid is up there, and I'm always down for some Ocarina of Time, but I don't think there's anything that's ever given me as much pure, primal joy as Pokemon Red.

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I think the best possible outcome is if, in four or five years, Kinda Funny Games is bought by IGN's parent company (which is apparently Ziff Davis now?) and are put in an office near IGN's. Then the circle will be complete.

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I think the North American eshop updates around noon EST, except in the cases of Nintendo's own bigger releases. But since this game is coming out on a Tuesday rather than a Thursday, I wonder if that makes a difference.

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A pair of North America codes if any of you fine folk would like them.



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When I was a kid, I would hear the music from Pokemon Red for hours after I turned the Game Boy off.

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Chose Excalibur, and eventually bought Frost.

This. Frost is fun, but I am going to branch out soon.

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Sad to see you go, Patrick, but I'm stoked to see you doing whatever it is you gotta do for you.

Your Hotline Miami Quick Look with Ryan is still my favorite piece of content on this site, bar none.

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"Telltale Presents: Pokémon"

I would actually be intrigued to play a story-driven adventure thing set in the Pokemon world. But maybe I'm crazy.

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Honestly, this is probably a pretty good week to launch a game on WiiU. You can be relatively certain that Smash's release will sell hardware, or cause owners of the system to turn the thing on for yhe first time in a while. So eyes will be on the eShop or the Nintendo section at Wal-Mart/Gamestop/whatever.

And regardless of the game's successes or failings as a GTA-alike, its only peer on the system is LEGO City Undercover, so people who don't have an Xbox or a Playstation could well be itching for that sort of game.

Plus you have Christmas shoppers who are looking for WiiU games and thinking,  "Watch Dogs? I've heard of that! I bet Billy will like it!"

I doubt the game will be a multi-million seller and it certainly won't change Ubi-Soft's mind about publishing on the WiiU, but I bet it does okay. But these are the opinions of a man who knows precisely jack about business, so I dunno.