Decisions, decisions.

Oh man, GTA: Chinatown Wars comes out tomorrow and I really want to play it as soon as I get it. I also preordered a black DSi. But I've been thinking, should I play GTA:CW on my DS Lite or should I wait until I get my DSi? The thing I don't like about my DS Lite is that it has a touch screen issue: it's yellow compared to the top screen. I don't want to experience CW with that crappy touch screen.

Should I just wait for my DSi, or play the game as soon as I get it? Yeah, I know, it's a stupid thing to think about.

I could use the extra time to finish some other games. Or I could just play Street Fighter 4. Hmm..... I don't know. I'm guess I'm just dumb.


Holy Giant Bomb, Batman!

Man, the Giant Bomb site is mind-blowing! It's quite possibly the best video game resource site in existence. Now, I should actually start looking through the site. <_<

Great job on the site, guys! Keep the Giant Bomb lit!

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