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UPDATE: I was able to do it, a little later in the game from the point in which I posted this. I used throwing weapons that caused bleeding and hit multiple targets with added fire then a melee weapon that also caused bleeding with added frost and gross out. Also had Kyle as my buddy

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Is there some sort of strategy to stop Al Gore? I'm playing as a thief and I've tried to slow him and his buddies via ice, tried grossing them out, nothing. I have Butters, Kenny, Stan and J-J-Jimmy as buddies. This fight is just way too hard considering it's still close to the beginning of the game.

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Why does my game just freeze in the middle of a match? None of my other games do that. Why can't it keep my saved SP campaign progress? That should be the most simple thing in any game. Server issues are brutal, even on 360. I don't get it. This isn't the first BF they've made. You'd think they could get it working by now. Maybe they just forgot about 360/PS3 users and only focus on XB1/PS4/PC. It's getting to the point that I can barely even play it anymore. Do people still play Bad Company 2? I'll go back to that.

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What's the point of GRAND THEFT AUTO if you can't blow shit up? If I want to keep a car, I get it insured because I assume it will be blown up at some point, other than that, I could care less. If people are so bothered by people killing them/blowing up their cars, why don't they go into passive mode? I haven't been a bad sport yet but my friend has for blowing up player's cars who were trying to kill him first and what better way to defend yourself than to put them out of commission?

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I'm glad they brought back the Rampage missions, those were my favorite. Sadly, they're pretty easy in this game, was hoping for harder like in Vice when you had a katana and you had to kill like 10 gang members shooting you. Those were the days.

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How did you find a thread that is over 2 years old? You must've dug deep

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GTA Vice City/San Andreas

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Worst Pokemon is Sudowoodo, it was a tree blocking your way that you couldn't use cut on......

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FUCK this save system they got going on. I had to re-do this long ass fight at one point because the game glitched out on me, all could've been avoided if I was able to save whenever the fuck I wanted