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Shake Hands with the Devil

I HIGHLY recommend it

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yes i am mad

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ME1 for moi. The story kinda blew me away when I first went through it and has stuck with me ever since. Also the Mako can be fun sometimes.

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Now at the end of the game, despite what choice you choose, your character has a flashbacks of Joker, Anderson and whoever you romanced. I chose to romance Ashley in the first game and Miranda in the final 2 games but for some reason, Liara is part of the flashback.


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maybe now I can finally finish Blood on Ice and buy the house

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My one friend once won an Xbox from a Mountain Dew contest, he wouldn't let me touch him though...

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When I'm playing regular deathmatch, I'll see my pursuer but when I press B to stun, it either doesn't stun or I still get killed in an honorable death. I some how always get stunned even though I press X to kill them

I just don't get it

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@The_Laughing_Man: @Tennmuerti: I wish I could but I did the first part way earlier in the game, around when I was in the teen levels when I first visited the city so that solution is out of the question

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@Tennmuerti: I already did, that was the first half, apparently the killer is still out there so when I talk to the mage in jail, he says to go patrol the city but before I even step foot outside, it says to go catch him, pretty much saying I've searched and found him. He then runs to the house you're able to buy but he attacks on site and like I said earlier, he's invincible. Now I know I'm not the only who has experienced this since its a reported bug on the Skyrim wiki