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I'll add you I never Raided either and I want to finish this dang DLC.

PSN: DoubleKR

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Hey Duders,

I'm recently joined the Lincoln Force Destiny Clan, and waiting to join the NE wing of the clan. This got me thinking... I'm a college student and my play schedule can be really weird and that makes it tough to play with friends and connect with such a large community like Giant Bomb. So what I was think was why not reach out to people around me, people who sometimes are at the mercy of term papers, and mid-terms. I'm at Miami University (Oxford,Oh) and I wanna play games with other college kids, and possible play against other schools!

I want to know where are you going to school at? Whats your major? What games you wanna play? What you are playing them on; PS4, XBONE, PC, ect. Most importantly, if within the GiantBomb community if you'd like to team up and represent your school? We always talk about what a great community we have here at GiantBomb, so let's have some fun. It's not just football season it's Video Game season!

Is this something that people would be interested in and if so who wants to help make it happen?

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Sent the PM and a request from Bungie.

Now what?

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These look great! I just need to save money...
How awesome is Swapper?
What the eff is Hohokum?
CounterSpy? I can't help but think about Shadow Complex.

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Someone said that PS4 Digital pre-orders will get one extra code. Anyone know if this is true?

If so, I'd be super grateful if a fellow Duder could hook me up. Thanks! (PS4,US)

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Thanks, I see how it is much better than an ipad. In those regards. Quick reference, exactly how many of the recent ps plus classics (Shadow of Colosses, Chrono Trigger, ect..) actually tranfser to a fully functional Vita port, and not just a remote play?

I could see getting sucked back into Hotline Miami for a third time so fast!!!

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@ripelivejam: yes.

I see where this is going.

But if they are just going to port games. (I have a ps4/ps3) what sold you?

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Ladies and Duders,

Is a used Vita at $125 worth it? I'm mainly interested in remote play ps4 and ps plus stuff....

Idk part of me feels like an ipad is a much better and diverse piece of hardware.

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I downloaded that Oddworld game that Sony for Plus members and she played it for at least an hour. It's too bad there aren't many more 3D platformers like that.