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I downloaded that Oddworld game that Sony for Plus members and she played it for at least an hour. It's too bad there aren't many more 3D platformers like that.

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I let her mess around in Saint Row 4 and she loved that. She liked watching Last of Us. I'm going to grab Rayman I think.

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So I play lots of games and my girlfriend wants to play with me, but she is not that great w/ a dual stick game.

Obvious choices are platformers, racing games, and adventure games. I'm sure many of you have tackled this issue. The question is what game, or games, specifically are good co-op games for beginners? Do I jump into a game I like and bring her along while slowing the pace? Or do I go out and a game just for us to play together?

I've heard some friends say Borderlands and Rayman is good, but I'd love to here some games you guys would recommend.

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PSN ID:DoubleKR.

Downloading the game now duder!

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Yo Bro's idk if anyone is still doing this.

My XBL tag: DoubleKR

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@rotorious: I was just about to make a post about this.
I've been schooling and with the summer coming I'm ready to play with some awesome dudes on the Giantbomb.

So, sent me a message letting me know you're a bomber and add me GT: DoubleKR.
I would be playing with my best friend EpicSteve, but he has upgraded to the PC.

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So I picked up L4D2 on the Steam for $5.

What are some good mods or Campaign maps to add...

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So I post a forum about this last year when the game was released, but now its been a year and still I have no totems.

If you don't know what I am talking about, these are the Totems that you are required to get to have Werewolf perks in the Dawnguard DLC , its pretty dumb, but whatever. The game glitched when it came out so many people didn't know these existed in the original game. Now one year later it is still glitched, even with the release of DLC the hinders on these quest lines. It's rather frustrating.

Not sure if anyone can help me, but I have done probably about twenty-five of these animal extermination quest and I got nothing. I've looked for videos, forums, and explanations to why or how I can fix my problem, but Skyrim hates me. By the way I'm playing on the Xbox, probably has something to do with it.

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Gotta say as far as marketing goes, that is the most awful and poorly thought out plan.

....But, I find it funny and wish I would have sent numerous amounts of terrible things to all of my friends.