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i was a destructoid reader for a long time, and i followed a former Dtoid writer Brad Nicholson here when he was hired as a semi-freelance news guy for a few months prior to Patrick being hired.

he moved on, i didnt. been here and loving it ever since.

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i didnt think the dialogue was that bad. i definitely talked like a jerk when i was a teenager (including unironic hellas), and i dont think that this game's brand of jerk-talkin teen is all that distracting. i think people are being too nit-picky about the minutiae of the syntax.

i love a good high school crime story, and this game is really scratching that itch. its got some Brick-like vibes going on with the missing girl, the drugs, and the semi-outsider protagonist navigating the social scene to get to the bottom of things. damn, now i wish there was a Brick adventure game.

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i just got a Harmonix email with a rock band survey designed to gauge interest in bringing the series back. this, along with the sudden reappearance of DLC makes Rock Band 4 start to seem pretty likely. anyone else take this survey?

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thanks for this.

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its been done elsewhere, but i would love to see a Double Dragon commentary from these guys. that movie is an oft overlooked fighting game movie masterpiece. id put it second only to Street Fighter.

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same thing happened to me. completely flooded my hard drive before id noticed. extremely annoying.

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the wait for Routine has been agonizing. im glad its still moving along.

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for me its games like Assassins Creed IV and Watch Dogs where you have this huge map and tons of stuff to find and collect. perfect for podcasts.

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here are some more facts:

Ferguson is a predominately black community. the Ferguson Police department employs, out of about 50 officers, only three black officers.

There is a no-fly zone declared over Ferguson right now (must be to protect officers from the protesters aircraft, right?)

the media is being told to leave Ferguson, and more than one journalist has already been arrested.

Police are wearing bullet resistant armour and helmets, and are equipped with sniper rifles, assault rifles (with combat optics), Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicles, and attack dogs. this all alongside the tear gas, rubber bullets, and LRAD Riot control weapons. this is all deployed against a group of protestors (including children, elderly people) in which a very small minority has acted violently against police.