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this website is fucked up.

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yeah im stoked for a new charge character.

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Putin really fucked it up on this one. this move was hugely unpopular in Russia, and its been extremely economically damaging to Russia as well. the negative impact of the sanctions that are likely to come as a result of this move really outweigh any benefits that are gained through this military posturing. the main Ukrainian army is still holding strong at the border of Crimea, keeping russian forces from moving deeper into the country so it looks like the sovereignty of Ukraine itself isn't in real jeopardy right now. He has on one hand established himself as someone willing to act, but on the other hand, he has lost all credibility in the UN Security Council in regards to opposition of US intervention in similar situations (like syria for example). Its going to be harder for him to argue against western intervention after this move.

the reason Putin did this probably to protect that naval base in crimea and to keep some kind of distance between NATO and russia's western border. that honestly doesnt seem worth all the heat hes taking for this. i think that US intervention in any sort of military capacity would be completely insane.

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My go to is the Filet o Fish meal, the McDouble (no pickles), and bacon cheddar McChicken.

with a Dr Pepper.

and a Shamrock Shake when i can get it.

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my first time being featured in the community spotlight! i feel like a princess. i really dig the music lists, and that Nier review.

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hey man, i wrote waaaay too much for each game. i wouldnt mind if some people gave it a read!


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sucks to be the people who get to get one early from Taco Bell.

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probably wade.

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one time i beat a guy at street fighter and he messaged me that he knew someone in my state who he would send to kick my ass, and that he was gonna make it so xbox live didnt work online anymore for me (whatever that means)

another time i was called a homophobic slur in a message based on my choice of loadout in call of duty modern warfare 2.