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Yeezus is a pretty incredible album. its not his best lyrically, but 'Ye is clearly in a really creative mindset right now and the production and beats on that album are astounding. the Frank Ocean bit on the end of New Slaves had me freaking out in my car the first time i heard it.

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no, but ive considered something waaaay cooler.

punk band logo tattoos!

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ive been on Vacation for a week so im still trying to finish up last seasons stuff before getting stuck in on this season. ive still got Railgun S, Gargantia, and Valvrave to finish.

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i voted innocent, but for lack of evidence. i think hes guilty of Second Degree Murder, but he decided to kill the only real witness so the lack of evidence isn't really surprising.

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wack, and i consider myself an enormous Jay fan.

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Wu Tang, and it isn't even close.

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Thank You Ryan.

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thats what the fuck im talking about right there. looks amazing. The Phantom Pain is such a good title, i can see where its going to refer to more than just some missing limbs.

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i actually had a good time playing it co-op. i would get three other people together in like a year and have us all buy it used and spend a weekend with it. that is, unless the reviews come in and its way better than it seems.

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if im getting a non-diet cola, its Coke from a fountain, and RC or Pepsi if im drinking from a can. my Diet Cola of choice is Coke Zero, and Diet Coke if Coke Zero is not available. ive not tried Diet Pepsi or Pepsi MAX, but i would be open to it.