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is anyone else having the problem where the bets aren't working for you? no matter what this is all it looks like at the bottom of the screen, the names and odds and stuff never load in for me anymore.

please. as you can see im in them salt mines and i really need to start digging. i dont know who else to ask.

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yeah, i get the feeling that the people complaining about this either don't play the game, or don't play it enough to know that each of these updates were great and well worth the money.

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i really liked Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. totally recommend if the DW style of game doesn't turn you off immediately.

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Have: Dead Island Riptide

Want: Bioshock Infinite, Football Manager, Kerbal Space Program, Tomb Raider.

DougCL on steam. hit me up?

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if you ask me, it showed really poorly at Evo tonight. the particle effects were way too prominent, to the point where it was hard to see where the characters limbs were at times. it felt like a lot of the effects were more to show off the graphics than to help convey info to the player. the Combo Breakers dont seemed to be governed by a meter of any kind, meaning that any sort of combo will be rendered pointless at high level play. the attacks do next to no damage, and the rounds lasted forever. even the "super" moves did something like 5-10% of the lifebar and seemed to cost almost no meter since they were coming out 10 or more times per round. if people thought SFxT was prone to timeouts, this is going to be just as bad if not worse based on what ive seen.

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i hope its soon. i hope those guys are okay. ive taken Ryan's death harder than the death of anyone i knew in real life, so i cant imagine how they must be doing.

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Yeezus is a pretty incredible album. its not his best lyrically, but 'Ye is clearly in a really creative mindset right now and the production and beats on that album are astounding. the Frank Ocean bit on the end of New Slaves had me freaking out in my car the first time i heard it.

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no, but ive considered something waaaay cooler.

punk band logo tattoos!

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ive been on Vacation for a week so im still trying to finish up last seasons stuff before getting stuck in on this season. ive still got Railgun S, Gargantia, and Valvrave to finish.

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i voted innocent, but for lack of evidence. i think hes guilty of Second Degree Murder, but he decided to kill the only real witness so the lack of evidence isn't really surprising.