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I managed to find the first bail bond location on my own, but I had to look up the second location in a FAQ. I haven't gotten around to searching for the third yet.

The third is on top of the mountain near where you get off the tram. He's by a motorcycle and his friend. Be prepared to use a parachute.

At what time of the day is the third bounty target at the summit? I've gone up there a few times and he's never there.

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I hope the houses aren't outrageously expensive. I really want a house.

I heard it's somewhere in the range of three times the amount of gil you earn entirely while leveling from 1 to 50, and that's only for a smaller house.

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Love the art style.

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Steam Summer Getaway


  • Tomb Raider
  • Reus


  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • Dead Island Riptide
  • Football Manager 2013
  • Prison Architect
  • Skyrim
  • Torchlight II

**Thanks everyone who traded with me; I got my deck finished and badge crafted.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army


  • Dr. Gerd Schwaiger


  • Karl Fairburne
  • Boris Medvedev
  • Herman Wolff
  • Zombie Gunner
  • Zombie Soldier

Send me a pm or @reply if you're looking to trade.

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Ryan Davis, dressed as a pirate.

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Now I really want some McNuggets...

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